George Santos Accepts Deal in Brazilian Check Fraud Case

confused new york representative George Santos A deal has been reached to settle a years-old criminal case against him in Brazil, according to reports. CNN.

Santos has reportedly reached an agreement with Brazilian prosecutors, under which he will formally check for fraud and confess to paying compensation.

freshman Republican Party The lawmaker was accused of stealing a checkbook from an elderly person his mother was caring for in 2010. He later admitted that he had forged checks from the checkbook to purchase items such as clothing and shoes.

A petition from a Brazilian attorney calls for a non-prosecution agreement to be arranged, calling him “resocialized”, citing Santos’ employment as a U.S. congressman.

last year he said new york post He was never charged with a crime in Brazil.

“I’m not a criminal here. I’m not a criminal here, in Brazil, in any jurisdiction in the world. Absolutely not. It didn’t happen.”

That statement was not true.

Brazilian authorities reopened the fraud case against Santos in January after they found him surfaced in the United States, who fled the country after being charged. George Santos Accepts Deal in Brazilian Check Fraud Case

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