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Has been updated IBM has been demoted from leader to challenger in Gartner’s 2021 Enterprise Backup and Recovery Magic Quadrant. This is the only major 2020 supplier treated as such.

MQ places the supplier in a four-box 2D space defined by the ability to perform on the vertical axis and a complete vision on the horizontal axis. The four boxes are Leader, Challenger, Niche Player, and Visionary, and the diagonal from bottom left to top right represents the balance of quality between the two axes. The latest MQ is:

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The equivalent MQs from last year are:

Gartner Storage and Backup July 2020

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Last year’s MQ included seven leaders: Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, Dell, IBM, Rubrik and Cohesity. This year, only IBM was demoted from the leaderbox, but both Rubrik and Cohesity move up in the box. Gartner’s MQ report points out that IBM’s SpectrumProtect suite is not integrated with the Azure native snapshot API. In addition, backups for Google Cloud Platform environments, AWS RDS, Azure Managed SQL, etc. are not supported.

IBM relies on third-party vendors for backups of Microsoft SharePoint, 365 Exchange Online, some NoSQL databases, Nutanix AHV VM, and more. The Spectrum Protect suite also outperforms other leaders in its ability to provide proactive problem discovery through AI and automated incident management and response.

Gartner Enterprise Backup Table 2021

A tabular list of changes from the 2020 Enterprise Backup and Recovery MQ to the 2021 edition.Click to enlarge

Another Challenger Supplier, Arcserve, has been promoted from last year’s niche player box. This is even though Arcserve has not responded to Gartner’s request for additional information. Gartner analysts have created rankings based on the published Arcserve literature.

A new supplier, Micro Focus, is in a niche player box. From disaster recovery to backup and recovery, Zerto is a newcomer to the niche playerbox. Druva, a SaaS backup supplier, is the third new entrant and is located in the Visionaries box.

The statement about this MQ quickly unblocked the cohesion. Since last year, we have introduced backup as a service, ransomware recovery and protection, and automated disaster recovery.

Lynn Lucas, CMO, said: “The selection of leaders in this report demonstrates Cohesity’s success in delivering next-generation data management, starting with helping organizations protect their data and recover quickly from ransomware attacks. Easily back up, recover, and manage your data in a variety of use cases as a data center, edge, cloud, or service all on one platform. It’s super simple at its best. “

Poor IBM. Not enough investment has been made to add new features to the Spectrum Protect suite, lagging behind the competition in LeadersBox. ®

Updated and added on July 20th at 1442BST

An IBM spokeswoman sent the following statement:

“IBM has been ranked as the leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) for enterprise backup and recovery software for many years, which provides us with a comprehensive and thoughtful vision of backup and recovery. This year’s MQ has been highly rated for its container backup, backup immutability, and simplified deployment, and is rated lower than other products in some areas. . “

Gartner Dumps IBM from 2021 Enterprise Backup and Recovery MQ Reader Corner • Register

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