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Gag Order Issued Ahead of Impeachment Trial Following ‘Incendiary’ Remarks by Texas AG’s Ken Paxton

AUSTIN, Texas — The top Republican in Texas, who will oversee the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton, on Monday rebukes “inflammatory” public comments made by both sides’ attorneys ahead of the historic September trial. A strict gag order was issued.

The order of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a powerful leader in the state Senate, highlights how Mr. Paxton’s fight for political survival over abuse charges has attracted some of Texas’ most brazen legal luminaries. I embossed the dolphin.

The impact was swift, with Paxton’s lead attorney, Houston Attorney Tony Busby, canceling a press conference scheduled for Tuesday after the order was issued. The press conference was announced in a statement accusing the “Kangaroo Court” of the Texas House of Representatives for pushing the impeachment.

“The court has found that unless this order is issued, those involved in the impeachment trial are likely to continue making bigoted and inflammatory statements in public,” Patrick wrote.

State senators who will serve on the jury after Mr. Paxton’s trial began on Sept. 5 were already barred from speaking publicly about the case under rules issued earlier this summer. But Patrick, a former conservative talk radio host for the Houston Broadcasting Corporation, presided over the case and now leads lawyers on both sides.

There is no shortage of Texas legal stars in this trial. Busby’s past clients include women who accused former Texas Governor Rick Perry and NFL quarterback Deshawn Watson of sexual harassment and assault. On the other side are Dick Degerin and Rusty Hardin, who are filing lawsuits to impeach Paxton, who have represented a long-standing roster of celebrities and celebrities.

Paxton has been under investigation by the FBI for years over accusations by his staff that he used the office to help donors. He was separately indicted on securities fraud charges in 2015, but has yet to go to trial.

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