Gabrielle Union talks about treatment and marriage with Jalen Rose

Gabrielle Union is an energetic woman. She is not afraid to be a pioneer, and even if it makes people uncomfortable, she is not afraid to speak her heart. As my guest on this week’s “Renaissance Man” podcast, she started putting some shades on the plate that could be disgusting to “Friends” fans.

After starring in “Bring It On” and “10 Things I Hate About You,” Gabby starred in Season 7 of 2001 as a new neighbor, Kristen, who was chased by both Joey and Ross. When I asked her about the experience, she said it was “just a gig”, even though the hit show turned out to be the first African-American love interest — “Must-see TV Rosa Parks,” she joked.

“I knew it was a popular show, but it wasn’t poplar to anyone I personally friends with,” she told me. “I was watching’Living Single’and ended up with Fox … I think’Friends’ was a white version of’Living Single’. You know what I mean? About a group of friends in New York Actually, “Living Single” was the first, so “Friends” came after that. I think it was the success of the “living single” that created “Friends,” but not the other way around. “

I was always joking that “Friends” was a white “Martin”. Both views are feasible, but I’ll leave it to her because one of us was at the show and certainly not me.

Personally, my favorite Gabby role was Sid of “Bad Boys II”. Her new show “LA’s Finest” is a spin-off of the movie. She plays a policeman with Jessica Alba and has a lot of cheeky sex scenes, so she answered the following question: Married to the great Dwyane Wade of retired basketball, she is half a very visible power couple. So how does he deal with her sex scene?

“He won’t,” she admitted.

“He asks before each episode:” Are you naked with this? “I shot something like this a year ago, so I sometimes forget it,” she said. “And we sit there with the whole family, popcorn, and he’s like …”

She’s convinced that it’s good to see him a little jealous, as she’s seen people fawning everywhere in him. However, she made a cameo appearance in “What to Expect When You Expect” and admitted her own jealousy when she had to do ballroom dancing.

“I was like,’What’s this, Pasodoble?’ … I know I couldn’t do it. God bless me. He’s better than me.”

Gabby is now the mother of her daughter Kaavia (2 years old) and the stepmother of three children from Wade’s previous relationship (Zaire (18 years old), Xavier (13 years old) and Xavier (7 years old)). To show the skin.

“The older boys were like’killed at school’, much like the sex scene,” she said, adding that as long as she had it, she would show it off. .. “Everyone will just adjust.”

Coordination is what her family is doing well. Gabby and Dwyane don’t care about being vulnerable, so they respect them as a couple. So many public figures try to make you believe that everything in life is rosy. It’s a fake. They were very open to very personal issues such as her daughter Zaya being transgender, Dwayne’s mother having drug problems, and the fight against his ex. In my opinion, it’s partly the way they keep their reputation so pure.

“We just try to lead with love and transparency, people rock with us … we still fail and lead it. Gabby, who wrote a children’s book last spring. Said, “Welcome to the party.” “I can’t say anything to me or him that we haven’t said in the first place,” he said.

They’re like Bonnie and Clyde on Ride or Die, but instead of being involved in a crime, they go for treatment. Gabby is basically an evangelical of this practice, recognizing many breakthroughs in her own life.

“I’ve been there since 1992, and to be honest, it saved me.” In fact, she planned treatment when Dwayne retired to Rachel Nichols on ESPN during an interview. I remembered saying that I was there.

After you retire from the NBA, you will be another person. You were away from your child and the other 50 percent of the time important. When you’re done playing, you’ll need to decompress to introduce Clark Kent. Because during all those years you are a Superman. Gabby wore his jersey and watched him win the championship, but she knew she was about to stop the ball from bouncing.

“That was one of the first things he did and he started going religiously every week, so as a family, we are very focused on treatment,” she said.

Gabby is so devoted to fundamental transparency that he has come to admit something. I have never seen “Friends”. But given the choice to see something of that era, I’m going to binge-watch “in-living colors,” “Martin,” and “living singles.” After a conversation with Gabby, I’m now looking at it from a completely different perspective.

Originally from Detroit, Jalen Rose was a member of the University of Michigan’s iconic Fab Five and rocked the world of college hoops in the early 90’s. He played for the NBA for 13 seasons before moving to media personality. Rose is currently an analyst for the NBA Countdown and Get Up and a co-host of Jalen & Jacoby. His executives are ESPN’s “30 for 30” series “The Fab Five,” author of the best-selling book “Got To Give the People What they Want,” fashion maker, and Jalen Rose Leadership. Was co-founded. Hometown public charter school, academy.

Gabrielle Union talks about treatment and marriage with Jalen Rose

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