G7 continues economic pressure on Russia to tackle “wheat war”

Weissenhaus, Germany-On Saturday, a group of seven foreign ministers strengthened Russia’s economic and political isolation, continued to supply weapons to Ukraine, and German foreign ministers described the “wheat war” being undertaken by Moscow. I vowed to work on what I did.

Senior diplomats from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United States and the European Union will continue their military and defense assistance after meeting at the 400-year-old castle mansion at the Baltic Resort in Weissenhaus. I promised. “As long as necessary”.

According to a joint statement, they also worked on what is called Russia’s false information aimed at condemning the West on food supply issues around the world for Moscow’s economic sanctions, supporting Moscow and Russia’s. He urged China not to justify the war.

“Did we do enough to mitigate the consequences of this war? It’s not our war. It’s a war by the President of Russia, but we have a global responsibility.” German Foreign Minister Annarena Bearbock told reporters at a press conference.

The key to further pressure on Russia is to ban or phase out the purchase of Russian oil with EU member states that are expected to reach an agreement on this issue next week, even if Hungary remains at this stage of opposition. Is to abolish it.

The statement “promotes efforts to reduce Russia’s reliance on energy supply and end it as quickly as possible, based on the G7’s commitment to phase out or ban Russia’s coal and oil imports. “.

Ministers said President Vladimir Putin would impose further sanctions on the Russian elite, including economic agents, central government agencies and the military, which “allows them to lead the war of their choice.”

The meeting in northern Germany, attended by the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Moldova, also highlighted food security concerns and concerns that the war in Ukraine could spread to neighboring Moldova.

“People will die in Africa and the Middle East, and we are facing urgent problems: how can people be fed around the world? People, we are Russia and Ukraine I’m asking myself what would happen if I didn’t have the necessary grain I got from, “Barebock said.

She added that the G7 will work to find a logistic solution for extracting critical commodities from Ukrainian storage before the next harvest.

As ministers prepare to apply for accession to the Transatlantic Alliance on Saturday, Berlin is now being watched, eliciting the threat of retaliation from Moscow and opposition from NATO member Turkey. ing.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly told reporters that “it is important to reach consensus” when asked about the possibility that Turkey is blocking accession.

Putin called this invasion a “special military operation”, disarming Ukraine and eliminating the anti-Russian nationalism instigated by the West. Ukraine and its allies say Russia has launched an unprovoked war.

“It’s more the same,” EU foreign policy director Josep Borrell told reporters. “One of the missing things is to promote diplomatic involvement to get a ceasefire. It’s missing because Vladimir Putin told everyone he didn’t want to stop the war.

G7 continues economic pressure on Russia to tackle “wheat war”

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