Free public WiFi comes to most of Auckland

One of the most tragic aspects of the ongoing COVID-19 school closure is images and stories of children sitting in the parking lots of libraries and fast-food restaurants. They don’t have broadband internet access, so they need to suck up free WiFi. House. This is a national issue, but Auckland is important to fix this, as Auckland reports that it is deploying a free public WiFi system that will go live this month. We are taking positive measures.

It’s called OAK WiFi and is designed to reach an estimated 94,000 Auckland residents with no internet access. “OAK WiFi is an initiative to provide free internet access to students, seniors, job seekers, small businesses, poorly serviced and disconnected people,” the city of Auckland said on its website. According to Aucklandside, the effort is funded through CARES for $ 7.7. Enact a federal COVID-19 relief grant.

The map above shows coverage. The westernmost rectangles labeled 1, 2, and 18 are expected to be covered within a few weeks, and the remaining rectangular area should be covered next year. Although some hotspots already exist, the city said, “This initiative has significantly expanded coverage to parts of West Oakland, Downtown Oakland and East Auckland along the International Boulevard Corridor to the San Liandro border. I will. “

“With these funds, we will be able to deploy Oak WiFi to 75-85% of the city and ensure that it covers almost every flat,” Auckland Chief Information Officer Andrew Peterson told Auckland Side.

Similar to San Jose, San Francisco offers similar free WiFi services in parts of the city.

Oakland Side spoke to Skyline High’s senior, who had been forced to study in a free WiFi parking lot. “At some point my family had to decide whether to pay a mortgage or stop paying for other things like WiFi and cell phone data,” student Jessica Ramos told the site. It was. “I was lagging behind my homework in that I care more about my education than my health.”

Once the service is enabled, everyone in the target area will open the WiFi settings on their mobile device and[OAKWiFi]You can click to connect. No password required.

Free public WiFi comes to most of Auckland

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