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Four killed in murder near University of Idaho campus

A murder on the edge of the University of Idaho has killed four people and put the campus on temporary lockdown, local officials said. Very few details have been made public.

The incident began around 11:58 am on Sunday when police were called for an unconscious person on King Road in Moscow, a small city home to the University of Idaho.

In a brief statement, Moscow police captain Tyson Berrett said: “Upon arrival, officers found four people dead. He did not provide any information about their cause of death.

“The next of kin will be notified and will be updated as soon as we have information to share,” Berrett said. “Moscow Police extend its deepest condolences to his family, friends and the Moscow community.”

The incident prompted the shelter-in-place of a university campus across the street from the scene. Although students were advised to “keep vigilant”, the order was lifted when it was determined that there was no continuing threat to the university. Four killed in murder near University of Idaho campus

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