Former Trump Attorney Proceeds Against Election Results in Georgia, Michigan

November 26th – Sidney Powell, a prominent attorney recently distant from the Trump campaign, has filed a typo in Georgia and Michigan, and President Donald Trump has voted for an untrustworthy allegation of fraudulent elections. I asked the court to prove that I had won.

Witnesses, expert witnesses, and a lawsuit filed late Wednesday for “statistical anomalies and mathematical impossibility” have challenged Trump’s Democratic challenger, former Vice President, and current presidential election Joe Biden. It claims that extensive planning was done to tamper with the number of votes to be elected.

“The fraud was carried out by many means, but the most fundamentally nasty, insidious and malicious trick was the systematic adaptation of the old-fashioned” ballot padding “,” both proceedings said. I will.

Powell is a voting software and Haha created by Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. of Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, as well as their administration and interested electoral authorities. He has been nominated as a defendant if he relies heavily on the state’s use of the software.

The proceedings allege that the equipment and software used in the state helped former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, survive the election and manipulate votes in favor of Biden. I am quoting.

On Thursday, Dominion violently denied all accusations filed in Powell’s “very rough draft” proceedings due to typographical errors and spelling errors, and the machine hacked, manipulated software, or otherwise. By means.

“The allegations contained in the draft complaint are groundless, physically impossible, and not supported by any evidence,” the Denver-based company said in a statement. “We are in favor of elected state and local officials and bipartisan election volunteers who say the proceedings are malicious and malicious.”

Dominion also states that he has nothing to do with Venezuela and has never participated in elections. He also said it was founded in Toronto, Canada, not by an oligarchy or dictator, as the proceedings allege.

The Trump campaign announced that it was no longer on the legal team a few days after Powell appeared with Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani, who made similar claims about voting machines.

Mr. Trump has not yet admitted defeat in the elections, and even after a coalition government of government and electoral authorities said earlier this month that “the election on November 3 was the safest in American history,” fraudulent voting was widespread. Continues to spread unreliable claims.

“There is no evidence that the voting system has deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in some way compromised,” a statement from the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity and infrastructure agency said.

A proceeding filed late Wednesday ordered the state to revoke election results, nominate Trump as the winner of the election, imprison all used voting machines, and not certify aggregated votes. I am asking the court to order.

Former Trump Attorney Proceeds Against Election Results in Georgia, Michigan

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