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Former NYPD detective Luis Skalchera testifies in a murder retrial

The fate of the Brooklyn murderer, as it was 37 years ago, involves the NYPD’s most notorious detective.

Investigator Luis Skalcella sat with Elyseo Deleon on June 29, 1995 in a station building in District 79. The suspect allegedly confessed to the murder committed a few weeks ago. Deleon, who was found guilty in the trial, spent the next 24 years behind the bar until the judge and partner Stephen Chimil, who quoted Skullsera’s rough tactics, were convicted in 2019.

The Brooklyn District Attorney is now re-examining the defendant for a crime dating back to the Giuliani administration, despite a second Court of Appeal ruling in favor of Deleon last year.

And Deleon was able to share the courtroom with a once-worshiped policeman who put him behind the bar later this month. His lawyer intends to call both former detectives hostile witnesses.

“They just don’t want to let it go,” Deleon told Daily News when the retrial began last week. “It’s bad, so this Skull Serra … I mean, I don’t give them anymore. I gave them 24 years, and I can’t give them any more.”

In the 1990s, when the number of murders in the city exceeded 2,000 a year, there were a series of violent murders as Gotham’s real Batman and Robin. But after 15 convictions have been overturned in the last nine years, they are now back with a tattered reputation, even though Skullsera repeatedly claimed that the pair wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Deleon was 18 years old When arrested on June 29, 1995 Released three months after his last birthday as Freeman until November 11, 2019. Now 45, he spent more than half of his life behind the bar.

According to New York Police Department documents, Chmil, Scarcella, and a third detective signed a card indicating that the arrested De Leon had read Miranda’s rights.

“The defendant was on the other side of 164 Franklin Avenue on June 4, 1995, solely for the purpose of male Hispanic robbery,” his confession declared. “I pointed the gun at the victim and he grabbed the gun. The gun accidentally came off. It was just an accident.”

Neither detective testified in a trial in which Deleon was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, the Court of Appeals’ ruling in support of the 2019 ruling states that Scarcella and Chmil “played an important role in the arrest of the defendant and the accompanying police investigation.”

A Brooklyn district attorney spokesman said the office could not comment on the ongoing prosecution.

According to police, the victim, Faust Cordero, was killed because the robbery his wife was watching on a summer night went wrong. Bianca Cordero, the widow of his tears, returned to court on Friday and identified Deleon as a murderer from a witness stand.

Attorney Cary London filed his proceedings against the two detectives in the opening statement.

“Skull Serra and Chimil didn’t care if they had the right suspect,” he said. “They only care about having a suspect. That was their type of police officer.”

The legal reversal came in a tab of payments of more than $ 50 million by the city and state to falsely convicted suspects, and recent judicial accusations took place last month.

Brooklyn double murder conviction A drug trafficking organization called “Baby Sam”After witnesses said they lied to the stand at the prompt of Skullsera, “was thrown.

Deleon recalls the details of the day he was arrested 27 years ago, down to the protection observer’s haircut advice.

“It seems like it happened yesterday,” he said. “It was Skull Serra downstairs by the elevator. They sent me to see a protection observer. Then I got off the elevator and got out of the building and they handcuffed me right there. I put it on. “

After Deleon’s confession was envisioned, he sat properly next to the clock ticking for a videotape interview with the prosecutor. When the assistant district attorney explains his rights to the lawyer, Deleon replies immediately.

“That’s what I want, I need a lawyer,” Teen declares. “I’m not just going to be a fool. I tape myself and say I did what I didn’t … I’m not stupid. I’m trying to be smart about this That’s what I want to do. “

Deleon remembered that even the prosecutor assigned to his case liked the possibility of acquittal.

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“That is, ADA literally told us ourselves,” De Leon recalled. “He’s like,’I’ve never seen a case where I lose so badly.'”

He also recalled hearing from another Brooklyn prosecutor in 2012 that his case was under investigation for tort charges, but nothing happened.

Deleon is free to admit that he was a much different person when he was arrested.

“The truth was that I wasn’t an angel,” he admitted. “I was running around the street. I used to sell drugs. But then, when I was 18, … I was away from all the bad things.”

Elisio DeLeon (center) and Cary London Elisio (left) and Cass Luskin.

Despite his ongoing legal situation, Deleon is looking to the future. He hopes to get a college degree next month and pursue a legal career.

Unlike many suspects associated with Skullsera, Deleon says he is not hostile to retired detectives or his partners.

“There is nothing,” he said. “I really believe it will happen when you think of karma. It will come back to him, big or small, and he will regret it. He? His partner? Think too much not.”

Former NYPD detective Luis Skalchera testifies in a murder retrial

Source link Former NYPD detective Luis Skalchera testifies in a murder retrial

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