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Former NBC Producer Michael Bass Intern Sexually Assaulted: Lawsuit

A former NBC University intern said the head of media, who until recently was: CNN top executive A shocking new lawsuit alleges he sexually assaulted her while covering the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

According to the lawsuit, Aarti Rajaraman, now 47, allegedly harassed Michael Bass, coordinator and producer of the Today show, which was in charge of the Olympic coverage at the time, during a three-week stint as a production assistant at NBC. He claims he was lured into a hotel room and assaulted. He filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, also naming the network’s parent company, NBC/Universal Media.

In his lawsuit, Mr Rajaraman alleges that many senior NBC employees flirted with younger staff at the time.

In July 1996, Rajaraman, then a 20-year-old sophomore, wanted to go to the bathroom on his way home at 5am after enjoying dinner and drinks with Basu and others.

According to court documents, Mr Rajaraman claims he was “tricked” by his boss into going to the toilet in his hotel suite, believing his wife and newborn were staying there.

However, according to court documents, Bass “began to kiss and grope her without her consent” and then “put his hands up her shirt and into her skirt”, leaving him in a hotel room. He immediately realized that he was alone with his boss.

Later that day, Mr. Basu, then known on NBC as a “superstar” and “up-and-coming”, called Mr. Rajamaran and threatened to “not tell anyone,” the complaint alleges.

Rajaraman filed a lawsuit against Michael Bass under the New York Adult Survivors Act.
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Bass then served as senior executive producer of CBS News’ morning show and until last year was CNN’s vice president of programming. Served as Interim Co-Responsible The network was discontinued following the ouster of former President Jeff Zucker.

In retaliation for turning down Rajaraman’s invitations, the lawsuit alleges that her former boss “blackballed” her and ensured she was turned down from multiple New York City job opportunities.

Since then, Rajaraman worked with Since her internship, she has appeared in various networks and news outlets, including CNN, HBO, and CBS, according to her online biography.

suit was brought Under the Adult Survivors ActPassed by the New York legislature in 2022, it gives adult victims of sexual abuse a one-year deadline (until November) to file civil lawsuits, which were previously not covered by the statute of limitations.

“Today, we celebrate the Adult Survivors Act, which gave my clients the opportunity to seek justice for the assault charges against them,” said Rajaraman’s attorney, Megan Goddard. rice field.

Rajaraman, who declined to comment through his attorney, is seeking compensatory and punitive damages “commensurate with the life-altering trauma he experienced in 1996.”

An NBC spokesperson said the company is reviewing complaints.

Bass did not respond to a request for comment. Former NBC Producer Michael Bass Intern Sexually Assaulted: Lawsuit

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