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Former Inspector Refuses to Get a Copy of Florida Condo Study

A former building inspector denied having undergone terrible private engineering research in 2018. “Major structural damage” found Reportedly at a condominium tower in Florida that collapsed last week.

The board of directors of Champlain Towers South Condo in the town of Surfside reportedly met on November 15, 2018, during which the report by engineer Frank Moravito was discussed...

In it, Moravito reported “serious structural damage” caused by a leak in the pool above the parking lot of the building, but “serious errors” may have contributed to the fatal partial collapse. I didn’t immediately know if there was one. Miami Herald reported..

“The structural engineer’s report is [the inspector]A surfside building inspector told Tennant, according to the minutes of the meeting quoted by NPR. “The building seems to be in very good condition.”

The tower partially collapsed around 1:30 am on Thursday. Kill at least 9 people, Still at 152 Missing When the rescuer digs hard for the survivors.

According to the Miami Herald, inspector Los Priet, who left his post last year, reviewed the engineer’s report after condominium board member Mara Shuela transferred a copy to him two days ago.

Deterioration of the balcony.
Structural damage from the 2018 Champlan Towers South Condominium balcony.

According to an email posted on the town’s website, Chouela sent two reports to Prieto.

One was the “Structural Field Survey Report” by Morabito detailing the structural defects of the building, and the other was the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Report by Thomas E. Henz. According to Herald, PE.

Los Priet.
Building inspector Ross Prieto claims he has never received an engineering report.
Surfside town

Chouela also added that he introduced a building inspector at a meeting with five of the seven directors, real estate manager Alexandria Santamaria, condominium lawyer Marilyn Perez, and some residents.

But Prieto told Herald on Saturday that he couldn’t remember receiving a report from Shuela, who also provided a cost estimate for the repair. He also said he was unaware that the town had received a report citing “massive cracks.”

“I don’t know anything about it. It’s 2018,” he told Herald.

When asked about the November 2018 board meeting, Prieto declined to comment on Sunday, citing the advice of a lawyer.

According to newly released records, the morning after attending the meeting, Prieto told then-town manager Gillermo Ormediro “very well” and “very positive reaction from everyone in the room.” I sent an email.

Prieto also said he was impressed with the Condominium Association’s aggressive approach to compulsory recertification for the next 40 years.

Mara Chouela, a condo officer, sends an email to the then Chief Executive Officer of the town of Surfside Los Priet.
Mara Chouela, Condominium Director, has forwarded a copy of the engineering report to Ross Prieto.

“This particular building is not scheduled to start 40 years until 2021, but they decided to start the process early, in the hope that I sincerely support and this trend catches up with other properties. “I did,” Prieto wrote, citing the record released by Herald, reporting Sunday by the town.

Olmediro told a paper on Sunday that he didn’t remember receiving an email from Prieto.

Meanwhile, an e-mail released by the town on Sunday went to the foundation of the structure from a construction project in the area, just two months after Prieto reviewed materials explaining the major structural damage to the tower at low levels. It also indicates that it has dismissed concerns about possible damage to the.

Guillermo Ormediro.
Guillermo Olmedillo was the town manager for Surfside in 2018.
Surfside town

Chouela asked if town officials could check and attach two images of a backhoe working towards a wall along the south end of the pool deck and parking lot.

“There’s nothing I can check,” Prieto replied 28 minutes later, according to the press.

The best thing to do is to have someone monitor for damage to fences, pools, and adjacent areas, or hire a consultant to monitor these areas as they are closest to construction, “he added.

Susana Alvarez, who said she attended the 2018 meeting, told the paper that Prieto’s confidence that her building was “in great shape” is now annoying her.

“A life that shouldn’t have been lost has been lost,” she said.

In a statement on Saturday, Moravito Consultant defended the work, including efforts to help the Building Association prepare for recertification work and to develop a more detailed plan for repairs and restorations.

2018 email meeting from Los Priet to Guillermo Ormediro.
After attending the condominium board, Los Prieto emailed the then-town manager, Guillermo Olmediro, “very successful.”

“In particular, our report details serious cracks and breaks in concrete and needed repairs to ensure the safety of the population and the general public,” the statement said.

On Monday, rescue workers, who had been digging hard for five days, emphasized that they could find survivors in the rubble. I hope the family stuck, even though no one was alive from the first day the structure collapsed.

The death toll on Sunday increased by only four, with a total of nine confirmed. But 152 is still missing.

The family on the missing bus went to a nearby location where they could see the team working on Sunday. A search expert using firefighters, dogs, radar and sonar equipment.

US Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz met with some of the rescue workers at a press conference on Sunday night and said, “I was able to hear their hopes.”

“We obviously have some realism we’re dealing with, but … the experts we trust want to find people who might have survived. As far as I’m telling, we have to make sure we hold that hope, “she said.

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Nachman Shai, head of a humanitarian delegation from Israel, including several search and rescue experts, said experts told him about cases where survivors were found more than 100 hours later. It was.

“So don’t lose hope, that’s what I say,” he said.

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Former Inspector Refuses to Get a Copy of Florida Condo Study

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