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Forget the sad Thanksgiving: Early Christmas fever takes over the tree Christmas tree music Husband of people

Lindsey Catalino is the story of her neighborhood. She installed everything, including Christmas trees and lights, in mid-September. By October 1st, her mantel was decorated. Since then, she has added wood and decoration to almost every room in a Connecticut condo.

Catalino’s goal, 42, is to bring the warmth and comfort of Christmas by defeating the “otherwise insane world,” like any other newly created early bird.

Some holiday tree sellers are afraid to sell out at Thanksgiving, and parcel delivery companies are worried about traffic jams in November, so they overturn the tradition for joy and fill up earlier than usual during Christmas week. The number of people who become

“It definitely overtook me, and very early on,” said Catalino, who lives in West Hartford. “I enjoy staying at home in another way. It gives me the chance to be busy with happiness. I wanted my home to bring me that peace, and I We just want to relax. The election was the last straw. “

She is definitely not alone.

Brandon Stephens, president of professional holiday decoration company Christmas Decor, said early business was up 15% to 20% compared to the same period last year. The order was already in April — he said about April. The company’s franchise served more than 43,000 homes and businesses nationwide last year and is expected to jump to around 52,000 this year. Most of the early activities are housing.

“We knew it was a kind of emotional reaction. People were looking for hope. People were looking for something that would make them feel better while they were trapped in the house. “He said. “Many people aren’t traveling for vacation, so they’re celebrating at home.”

Jacob Pinkham, the new father of Huntington Beach, California, said he and his wife this year amid pandemic malaise, election turmoil, and the economic devastation that hit millions of people around the world. He said he hadn’t adhered to Christmas until December.

The couple began to think about their Christmas trip to Cork, Ireland a few years ago and all the Christmas radio stations they found there, Christmas FM. They have been listening for weeks.

“Our daughter was born shortly before becoming infected with COVID, so we needed to deal with new parents, new families, and the epidemic of the highly contagious virus, so we decided we needed Christmas support earlier than usual. I did, “he said. “There are also two dogs. I don’t know how they feel about Christmas music, but it’s not barking, so that’s a positive sign.”

Pink ham’s favorite holiday tune? If he had to choose, it would be Nat King Cole’s “Christmas Song”.

29-year-old Mindy Jones, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has about 1,100-square-foot and 400-square-foot basements in a new home that she moved with her husband, three-year-old daughter, and their family about a month ago. .. dog.

In the past, they spent their holidays on two Christmas trees, including a 7-foot Christmas tree decorated with all the special ornaments standing in the living room. There are 5 trees this year. The first two rose on November 11th. There may be more by the time Christmas begins. Jones usually waits for the vacation to jump start until Saturday after Thanksgiving.

“I wanted to spread the feeling of’Holly Jolly’a little longer than December,” she said. “Everything is going on this year, but why would it bring a little more joy and excitement to a really tough year?”

The willingness of Jones and many others to cheer on the holidays wants to connect with rituals, especially now that so many traditions and holiday enjoyments are ruined among work and large families. It is a desire.

Erica Keswin, a business consultant who published a new book, Rituals Roadmap, in January explains the benefits of the three Ps.

“We feel psychologically safe and purposeful, which leads to improved performance,” she explains, as our sensory powers (smell, taste, touch, etc.) pave the way. Said it would be useful.

It may be of great help to explain the cookie stash of Lisa Tre Risauer in Aschaffenburg, Germany, where Americans live with their husbands and two boys 9 and 7.

“We are experiencing a partial blockade and may have limited ability to celebrate holidays with our families. We have found a quick and intense comfort in one thing: Christmas cookies.” She said.

She buys a hiding place for gingerbread, cinnamon, and spiced coconut cookies that she’s had since early November, rather than baking.

“I’ve never left the grocery store without getting multiple packs of cookies,” Torelli-Sauer said. “After a long and stressful day, I’m very happy to settle down with a cup of coffee and a perfect selection of Christmas sweets.”

Much of the early Christmas enthusiasm has to do with the simplification of Thanksgiving by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanksgiving is usually about getting together, so I think we’re in a hurry. We won’t get a lot of people this year,” said the artist and interior designer who wrote the book “Creatively Christmas.” Said Jennifer Rizzo.

“Much of the holiday fun is actually as much about preparation as the day itself, and people are digging into that aspect of Christmas,” she said.

Daniel Martin, 42, who lives in Manteno, Illinois, is a Christmas tycoon. But she usually waits until the day after Thanksgiving. This year I was busy on November 1st and included a candy cane-themed front pouch.

“It’s probably faster than most, but we love it,” she said. “It definitely changed our mood,” she said of herself, her husband, and her three children aged 10, 7, and 5.

Martin decorated the hot cocoa bar, fireplace mantel with stockings, large frame sheet music for the “Jingle Bell” song, and 9-foot wood. And it’s just a living room.

Each of her children will soon have their own tree in their room. When she was done, Martin said there would be a total of seven trees.

Early Christmas is also in the hearts of people in and around Grapevine, near Dallas, Texas. Also wine. Next month, tickets for an adult-only Christmas wine train tour of the city on a decorated vintage rail car went on sale on November 10. Includes wine and Santa’s visit.

“Sold out in 6 minutes,” said Anachaves, a spokeswoman for the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Christmas is strange in Texas!”

Forget the sad Thanksgiving: Early Christmas fever takes over the tree Christmas tree music Husband of people

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