For one of New York students, summer school is an autumn bridge

Until this month, Isaac P. has not been in the classroom since March 2020, when the coronavirus closed school buildings throughout the city.

As a result, the up-and-coming fifth graders felt a little nervous about the city’s summer program.

He hadn’t attended summer school until this year, and he hadn’t interacted directly with other students or teachers for more than a year. But he said he signed up because he wanted to “learn more.”

A few weeks later he said the butterflies were gone. On Thursday at PS 96 in East Harlem, Isaac will be the “material manager” for the STEM project, helping classmates find cardboard, aluminum foil and other ingredients to build a solar-powered oven for cooking s’mores. I helped.

“I love this,” Isaac said of a project that incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math.

Isaac P is in fifth grade at PS96 in East Harlem. Takes pictures in the summer program.
Remaamine / Chalk Beat

School Prime Minister Meisha Porter said the city’s ambitious summerizing program bridges the normal school year for children like Isaac, one of the 200,000 students who participated in the ambitious initiative. I wanted to be. This year, city officials have opened the summer school to all students, not just those who have failed or delayed coursework, and the academic and fulfilling activities offered by community-based organizations affiliated with the school. We have renewed the summer school by offering a combination of.

For some, summer schools have traditionally been stigmatized for their late children. But by exposing the program to all students and adding activities, this year’s model seeks to break new ground by allowing many students to break out of isolation and reunite with the school community.

The idea was widely praised, The rollout was rocky.

Many families I was confused at first About registration method.Meanwhile the school received Last-minute order Register the person you want to participate in from the Ministry of Education.As a result, more children are registered on some sites than expected, and on some sites Difficult to hire enough staff Oversee the program.Apart from this, there was a concern Transportation options For students with disabilities and students in temporary housing.

According to Principal James Konstantinakos, these issues did not appear to affect PS96.

The development was smooth at Harlem’s school, which Porter visited on Thursday. Konstantinakos said it was okay to have enough staff to do it. He acknowledged that YMCA and the Mission Society, an organization affiliated with his school, provided a lot of early support to their families prior to the start of the program.

When launching the program, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he Hope Will be duplicated in the future. This year’s program is estimated to cost about $ 200 million, according to people in the education sector. This is the “majority” covered by federal coronavirus bailouts. It raises the question of where this type of funding comes from when this dedicated federal funding runs out.

When Porter visited PS96, which registered about 120 children this summer, she looked at the solar cooker and turned to Isaac, who greeted her at the door.[Is] Is this literally going to cook s’more? He nodded — and showed her all the supplies, including marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

While Isaac zippered around the room to help his classmates, the students cut out the top of the cardboard box and attached aluminum foil to the top to capture the heat from the sun. Porter joined with a group of cardboard boxes when a student cut the top with scissors.

The school’s Prime Minister, Meisha Porter (left), held down a PS96 student cardboard box when trying to build a solar-powered oven during a summer program.
Remaamine / Chalk Beat

(The chalk beat reporter wasn’t stuck long enough to see if the marshmallows had dissolved in the graham crackers.)

This was a kind of face-to-face experience that Isaac had missed for the past 16 months. But he was most excited about the quiet reading time. After that, the student needs to write down a summary of the chapters he has read. He is in Chapter 11 of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Isaac was afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus, so he didn’t choose face-to-face learning like three out of five New York City students this year.

Isaac said he was looking forward to the fall because he could “see his friends again.” It’s been a while since I entered school, and I’ve been nervous for months. After a few weeks of summer school, some of those nerves seem to be beginning to decline.

“I’m a little more confident and at the same time a little nervous,” Isaac said.

For one of New York students, summer school is an autumn bridge

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