Folsom Street Fair 2021 Preview: Except for what they call it

The usual Folsom Street Fair ya-ya you’ll be in a typical year is very limited this year, as the neglect of social distance and physical contact has made the event a rebranded affair called the event. increase Megahood2021.. At the Folsom Street event, this is “Let’s go back to our roots!, “Decision, it’s obviously all due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the name Megahood First Folsom Street Fair in 1984.. (Do you think that’s a bad thing? Subsequent fairs were called “Dancin’inthe Street” and “Hot 6inthe City” until the name Folsom Street Fair was permanently adopted in 1991.)

The fair is held outdoors and usually runs from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, You will need a mask and vaccination proof.. Alcohol will not be sold at the event as attendees are encouraged to patronize the desolate local bar last half.

This strategy created a long line of drinks at The Powerhouse during the similarly reduced Up Your Alley fair in July. This turned out to be as big and noisy as a typical Dore Alley event, not Dore Alley itself.

Similarly, this is the Megahood 2021, a Folsom Str-well, much smaller than you’re used to. Instead of the two main stages, they are split into smaller stages. Some are music and others have sexy results on stage.

  • Drag Stage-Presented by Stud and Oak Rush
  • DJ and Go Go Stage-Announced by Fawkstales
  • Playground Stage-Women, trance, non-binary stage hosted by Alotta Boutté
  • Bondage stage with twisted window and Kink POC bay area
  • BDSM demo stage co-sponsored by ONYX NW, Society of Janus and Alpha Academy

Folsom Street Event Website No action has been announced on either social media or the site at any of these stages. Official Partner Gay Cities..

Vendor booths will be back, with fewer sexually-themed booths. Older favorites like Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the Bear Chest Calendar are still visible, but there are also community-focused groups like PFLAG, Planned Parenthood, and even a CBD shop called Transcend Canna.

It’s already Leather Week, so the party will continue until Sunday.Check out the complete list of Leather Week events

Folsom Street Fair 2021 Preview: Except for what they call it

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