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Florida couples forbidden to put a small cross on the lawn

Heaven helps them.

A Florida couple lost years of fighting to place a miniature white cross on the lawn in the front yard after the housing union considered it a banned “lawn ornament.” According to the report.

Wayne and Bonnie Anderson of The Villages Tamarind Grove were first ordered to remove the small symbol in 2019 after community officials received anonymous complaints, Villages News reports. I did.

The couple, whose main residence is in Wisconsin, have been fighting the ban for three years, claiming they violate their rights under Florida’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

However, Judge Michel Morley recently ruled in favor of the local community development district 8 after the body claimed that local rules explicitly banned “lawn ornaments.”

Andersons, who were ticketed for thousands of dollars in breach for refusing to remove the cross, have been targeted for “selective execution” and other small lawn exhibits, including the cross, remain undisturbed. Insist.

The couple pointed out a Florida law prohibiting “substantial” obstacles to the exercise of their religious beliefs.

However, some committees and judges have determined that the removal of the cross is not considered a “substantial” burden and that the ban on lawn decoration in the area is a clear rule.

Religiously condemned fighting became a matter of divisive community as local churches resolutely fainted 200 crosses last year and asked parishioners to put them in their yard.

Anderson called for a push to eradicate the “ridiculous” symbol in 2020.

“We’re having a pandemic and The Villages are crazy about tearing the cross out of our garden,” he said. “This is crazy.”

The couple now have 30 days to challenge their latest ruling.

I couldn’t get in touch immediately for comment on the incident.

Florida couples forbidden to put a small cross on the lawn

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