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Florida Chick-fil-A operator implements 3-day work week and achieves 100% employee retention

Florida — What kind of manpower shortage? One of his owners and operators at her Chick-fil-A in Miami was inundated with applications after switching staff to 14-hour days, three days a week.

Justin Lindsey recently told QSR magazine that he was looking for novel ways to reward workers who “literally work 70 hours a week.”

The popular franchise was profitable and had strong sales, but it came at a cost of staff burnout. So earlier this year, Lindsey devised a new recipe for success.

He divided his 38 staff (18 store managers and 20 frontline workers) into two groups and assigned the weekly schedule to alternating three-day blocks of 13- to 14-hour shifts. .

The result is a 100% retention rate at the management level and a flood of new job seekers. When it opened at a restaurant near Kendall this fall, it attracted more than 420 candidates.

The restaurant is another example of companies experimenting with non-traditional shifts since the pandemic upended the 40-hour workweek.

While the majority of companies are reluctant to change, some companies and even some bosses want flexibility as a way to attract and retain workers by offering a better work-life balance.

For his restaurant, Lindsey said the three-day work week allows staff to plan their non-work lives ahead of time.

“I think people want to work in this industry,” Lindsey said in the report. “But they want to change something, and I think what this shows is that if you change it for the better, you can have a lasting impact,” CNN told CNN. Lindsey could not be reached for comment.

Three-day workweeks are still very rare, but the topic of four-day workweeks is gaining momentum.

In a six-month pilot program in the UK, 3,300 workers in 70 companies agreed to work 80% of their normal weekly hours in exchange for a commitment to remain 100% productive. . Their salaries remained unchanged. At the end of this month, both companies will decide whether to keep the program.

A similar test in Iceland was successful. And when Microsoft tried to shorten his workweek in Japan in 2019, he found productivity increased by almost 40%.

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