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Florida Building Collapse: Search Continues Until Day 6

Surfside, Florida-The slow work of sieving the wreckage of a collapsed Florida condo building continued until the sixth day on Tuesday.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told reporters Monday that “some are waiting for the news and some are waiting.” “I have my loved ones deal with the news that they may not come alive, and I hope against my hopes. I am learning that some of my loved ones come out as part of my body. That’s the information that is unbearable for everyone. “

The work was intentional and dangerous. Two more bodies were found on Monday, increasing the number of confirmed deaths to 11. As a result, 150 people have not yet been described in the surfside community on the outskirts of Miami.

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Authorities meet with their families frequently, explaining what they are doing and answering questions. According to the mayor, they discussed everything with their families, from how to match DNA to identify the dead, how to contact relatives, and how to get into “very detailed” how to search for mounds.

Armed with that knowledge, she said the family was reaching their conclusions.

“Some people have hope because there is no clear answer, others have little hope. We tell them the facts. We take them to the scene,” she said. Told. “They have seen the operation. They now understand how it works and are somehow preparing for the news.”

Rescuers use bucket relays and heavy equipment to work on unstable crushed concrete, twisted steel, and the debris of dozens of households. This effort includes firefighters, detection dogs, and search experts using radar and sonar devices.

Officials said it was still a search and rescue operation, but no one has been found alive since hours after Thursday’s collapse.

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The collapse of the building’s pancakes left a layer on top of the layers of intertwined debris and made a frustrating effort to reach those who might have survived in the pockets of space.

“Every time there is action, there is a reaction,” Miami-Dade Fire Chief Raid Jadara said at a press conference on Monday. “It doesn’t matter if you can attach a few cords to a concrete rock and lift it up and call it a day.” Some concrete pieces are smaller than the size of a basketball or baseball.

On Monday, from outside the building next door, a family of more than 20 saw a team of searchers excavate the site of the building. Some people hugged each other to support each other. Others hugged and prayed. Some people have taken pictures.

Authorities claimed they had not lost hope.

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Professor Joseph A. Barbera of George Washington University said it was painful to decide to move from search and rescue to recovery. The decision is full of considerations, he said, and only people on earth can make it.

Barbera co-authored a study investigating long-term surviving disasters under rubble. He also advised the team on where to look for potential survivors and when to conclude that “the chances of continuous survival are very small.”

“It was an incredibly difficult decision and I didn’t have to make that decision,” Barbera said.

A report warning of “serious structural damage” said the building was just days before the deadline for condominium owners to start making abrupt payments for more than $ 9 million in repairs recommended almost three years ago. It collapsed.

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Florida Building Collapse: Search Continues Until Day 6

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