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Florida amusement park pauses sniper-like game for shooting

Orlando, Florida — Orlando Amusement Park Teenager fell off the vehicle and died earlier this year In the criticism following the recent mass shooting, we have suspended a new sniper-like laser shooting game.

In the Bullseye Blast game, ICON Park’s 400-foot (122-meter) wheel rider can pay an additional $ 5.95 to shoot a laser blaster with 50 strategically placed targets on the rooftop of the entire park. increase.

In a statement released Saturday, park officials said the ride was “popular” with customers, but some questioned whether the following was appropriate: Mass shootings at the parade on July 4th In the suburbs of Chicago Uvalde Elementary School, Texas,and Grocery store in Buffalo, NY..

“Some non-guests and community members said they thought toy fire control was previously insensitive,” the statement said.

Game critics said it was a bad taste in the aftermath of multiple mass shootings.

“There are many similar games in the attraction industry that use similar shooting equipment, so that’s what limited us when exploring the game, but it’s offensive to everyone in the community. I think we can and need to design no device. “

“We look forward to leading this new innovation,” said a Park official.

The park removed the game from its website, but earlier this week he described the Bullseye Blaster as follows: “To get the best score, the player needs to hit as many scores as possible with the laser blaster in 18 minutes. Ride.”

The promotion featured a photo of a rider pointing a laser gun from a ride. FOX-35 was reported..

Over the past few days, critics and advocates of this vehicle have joined social media.

This is the second time the park has received attention in six months.
ICON Park was previously scrutinized after 14-year-old Tire Sampson fell and died while riding.

“This tastes bad!” Orlando Democrat Linda Stewart, a Florida senator, tweeted in response to a news article about the ride. Others on social media ridiculed the park for pausing the game.

Since Missouri’s 14-year-old Tire Sampson fell from the Freefall Tower and died earlier this year, there has been controversy surrounding the park along Orlando’s International Drive.

When I investigated later, Teens exceeded the weight limit of the vehicle by almost 100 pounds.. His family filed a proceeding.

The park announced the Bullseye Blast in a news release on Thursday.

“The ICON Park Ferris wheel is the only Ferris wheel in the world that offers this amazing new infrared technology to effectively show off and inspire the experience to a whole new gamer’s audience,” said the release.

The blaster was equipped with a scope and infrared beam to help players aim at targets on the roof.

Dennis Speigel, Founder and CEO of International Theme Park Services Inc., said: Orlando Sentinel What surprised him on Friday was that the blaster game creators Amusement LLC and Steradian Technologies’ ICON Park executives didn’t take into account the negatives.

“It doesn’t seem like the right decision to see these simulated guns pointed at you from all these cars from these heights,” Speigel told Sentinel. .. “It’s a little weird.”

Florida amusement park pauses sniper-like game for shooting

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