Fireworks seller warns of shortage, “challenge” to replenish until July 4th

this independence Day, “Bombs explode in the air” can be negligible in some areas. Retailers say port delays and a global shortage of containers contribute to the shortage of fireworks on hand.

“This year in the United States, there is definitely a shortage of fireworks due to problems with logistics to retrieve products. China And to the United States. ” William Weimer, Vice President and Corporate Lawyer Phantom fireworks, A major consumer fireworks retailer.

China Manufactures most of the handheld fireworks sold in the United States

However, there are not enough containers China To load fireworks, which means that the container has not been returned to a fireworks warehouse where supplies can be loaded into the country or ship. Weimer Said.

Another annoying problem is the lack of space on container ships, which already has limited space reserved for “dangerous goods” such as fireworks.

According to industry experts, US ports, especially along the west coast such as Long Beach, California and Los Angeles, are so packed that arriving container ships have to wait a few days offshore before entering the port.

In addition, there are not enough workers in the port to unload the products, Mr. Weimer Added.

“Once a product is unloaded at a port, it often sits for several weeks at a time before being loaded onto a railroad or truck for transport to its final destination.” he Said.

Phantom fireworks Since mid-April, some containers have reportedly been in the west coast harbor and have not been loaded onto the railroad for an eastern trip to a warehouse in Warren, Ohio as of Thursday.

Les Price, vice president of Atomic Fireworks, said supply for the company has declined since last year due to issues such as lack of ample space for ocean-going vessels and congestion at ports in Southern California.

Atomic Fireworks, which has retail stores in several states, including Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, and South Carolina, sells its products only to its current customers and seeks to limit purchases to last year’s amount. Mr. Price said.

According to Julie Heckman, executive director of the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA), about one-third of fireworks have been caught in global supply chain turmoil and supplies have been moored in ports for several weeks. She said they couldn’t get on the railroad and there were no truck drivers to receive the supplies, paying attention to the “fighting movement” of the containers arriving at the harbor.

“The shortage is the result of the unprecedented sale and use of hand-held fireworks during the pandemic,” Heckman said. “In addition to the unprecedented demand, use and sale of hand-held fireworks that are legal in 49 states, in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, most hand-held fireworks retailers have run out of inventory, but this never happens. . “

Heckman said on the July 4th holiday that he believes that backyard fireworks demand will be higher than in 2019, but may not be as high as in 2020. Last year, about £ 405 million of fireworks were used, starting at £ 273 million. In 2019, she said. Fireworks sales on hand almost doubled from $ 1 billion in 2019 to $ 1.9 billion in 2020, according to APA data.

“Many people were new to fireworks, so if you’ve enjoyed a celebration at home, we’ll do it again on July 4th this year, especially if you don’t plan to do so. Travel,” Heckman said. Told. “I think there is still demand.”

Fireworks retailers are currently in stock, but the ability to replenish until July 4th will be a very difficult task, she said.

“I missed a boat of products that should be here on July 4th,” she said. “Those sitting on the water or still stuck in the west coast harbor will not reach here in time.”

Phantom fireworks We expect to receive about 70% of what we ordered. This should be enough to carry us throughout the season. Weimer Said. The company has more than 75 permanent offices nationwide, is open year-round, has more than 1,500 seasonal tents, and stands nationwide.

“Others, especially retailers who procure products domestically, can get worse over the past few years. phantom Got what was generally ordered. ” he Said.

The supply of fireworks on hand may decline, but prices are definitely rising. Soaring shipping costs, coupled with additional container shipping costs, contributed to the rise in prices, he said. Weimer Said. ChinaThe yuan, the currency of the US dollar, has since risen 8% over the US dollar. Phantom fireworks I ordered in August and the price went up. he Added.

Atomic Fireworks prices reportedly rose 20% to 35% due to higher shipping costs.

TNT Fireworks, which installs stands and tents in various locations in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, also said it had some product restrictions this year compared to 2020. Sherri Simmons, spokeswoman, said. She said customers are encouraged to buy early to get the best choice.

“We are working tirelessly to address this year’s supply chain issues and will continue to take various initiatives to mitigate these issues in the future,” Simmons said. “This year’s delay was primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic and high demand for consumer products, which created dramatic challenges for the global supply chain.”

Backyard light shows may be few, but more specialized fireworks show this independence Day Holidays are going.

According to Heckman, the early shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic did not run out of professional fireworks, and almost all fireworks festivals were canceled last year.

According to Heckman, there were about 16,000 professional fireworks festivals nationwide in 2019. But last year there were only dozens of events, she said. This means that professional fireworks have reached their maximum capacity for over a year.

This year, 70% of the 16,000 professional fireworks festivals reported for Independence Day on July 4th will be held.

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Fireworks seller warns of shortage, “challenge” to replenish until July 4th

Source link Fireworks seller warns of shortage, “challenge” to replenish until July 4th

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