Fire Mayim Bialik or stop looking

Longtime Jeopardy! fans Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are threatening to boycott the show as they share host duties.

On Wednesday, the beloved game show Two interim hosts announced they would continue their jobsJennings will host from September to January, with Bialik taking over from January until the end of the season.

The ‘Call Me Kat’ actress will also host “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Jennings hosts the Second Chance Tournament and the Tournament of Champions.

This was unwelcome news for some viewers as the history-making “Jeopardy!”Champion and ‘Big Bang His Theory’ Alum Faced A good portion of their fiasco — Hence the criticism.

The Twitter announcement received hundreds of reactions, many of them unhappy with Bialik’s persistence.

Mayim Bialik, 46, has been criticized for repeatedly deeming the correct answer wrong.

“I won’t see @Jeopardy until @KenJennings is primary and only host. This switch sucks! Said.

“Great! I’ll be watching until December when Ken is hosting. I won’t be watching Jeopardy Mayim host,” said one. Weighted.

“And I haven’t seen forever,” said another Declared.

Mayim Bialik will also continue filming her FOX sitcom. "Please call me Kat."
Mayim Bialik will also continue filming her FOX sitcom Call Me Kat.

“Nobody gets excited to see Mayim co-host. Most of us would love to hear from people who preferred Ken as a full-time host over Mayim Bialik. Watch the ratings drop when Mayim hosts, and watch the ratings rise when Ken hosts. I have written.

“That woman keeps me off the show. Most people I know agree she’s a mess as a host,” said one viewer. Equipment.

But some say Jennings is the problem.

“Mime is a much better host,” says one user I have written“Ken is not a public speaker, let alone a TV host. Trivia geeks and Twitter geeks are the only Jeopardy viewers who like Ken, a small percentage of Jeopardy’s viewership.”

Jennings will not host from September through January, and Bialik will take over from January through the end of the season.
Jennings will host from September through January, while Bialik will host from January through the end of the season.

“If Ken was as good as social media says he would have been picked by Sony himself.” said“Mame needs practice. I agree. But she’s a much better Jeopardy voice reading clues like Alex. That’s why they chose Mime.”

“This is the hosting team that Alex has been successful with. [Trebek] I would be very proud. Jeopardy is more popular than ever and has the brightest future, including prime time. Said Long time host.

Ken Jennings wins 74 "dangerous" 2004.
Ken Jennings has 74 wins on Jepardy! 2004.

In other “Jeopardy” scandal news, social media stunned all three contestants last week. missed a question About 11-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift and her hit “You Need to Calm Down.”

The show’s 39th season begins filming next week.

Fire Mayim Bialik or stop looking

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