Fighters scramble in response to Chinese and Russian aircraft, Seoul says

December 22 – South Korea’s co-chief said a fleet of Chinese and Russian aircraft invaded South Korea’s air defense identification zone on Tuesday, urging Seoul to scramble fighters.

Donga Ilbo reported on Tuesday that four Chinese military aircraft and 15 Russian aircraft entered the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) during a period that could have been a joint exercise between China and Russia.

According to South Korea’s Integrated Staff Headquarters, Chinese planes are flying from the west to KADIZ, with two of the four passing through the eastern region of Ulleungdo, a South Korean island.

The four Chinese aircraft are believed to be H-6 bombers and began to appear around 8 am, Yonhap reported.

According to Seoul, 15 Russian aircraft, a combination of the Tu-95 bear strategic bomber and the A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft, entered the KADIZ from the north.

Two Russian planes left the air defense zone from the eastern region of Dokdo, which is controlled by South Korea, and re-entered KADIZ before leaving the zone from the northeastern section.

Seoul said the military scrambled fighters in anticipation of illegal invasion.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “Our military dispatched Air Force fighters before entering KADIZ in case of accidental situations.”

China and South Korea maintain an agreement to notify each other before the flight to their respective air defense identification zones begins.

It is unclear whether the Chinese military notified Seoul prior to the exercise. An unidentified South Korean official said Union Beijing had announced plans for training, but the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the exercises in China and Russia were “sorry.” Russia and South Korea do not maintain a military hotline.

China and Russia have denied illegal invasion. According to the South Korean newspaper Asian Business, the two forces said the aircraft “strictly followed international law and regulation and did not invade the airspace of other countries.”

The air defense identification zone is an area that covers the airspace surrounding the sovereign territory. They have the potential to extend beyond the territory of the country to give the government more time to respond to potentially hostile aircraft.

Fighters scramble in response to Chinese and Russian aircraft, Seoul says

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