FedEx driver danced to Mariah Carey’s Christmas song

Fed Exmas appeared earlier this year.

FedEx drivers are blasting social media after being filmed cheerfully in Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want For Christmas Is”. Viral videos are currently played over 1.8 million times on TikTok.

In the comments section of the clip, a poster that appears to have been named Keila explained, “We’re having a good time.” She explained how she and her unnamed colleague lined up tracks (on a daily basis) for lunch when they found his festive dance routine.

In a glittering one-minute clip, you can see the unnamed FedEx driver spinning violently along the Christmas classics. The courier cover artist cheerfully turns to his friends and begins lip-syncing the lyrics, pointing at the window like a pop diva.

His performance will take place after Carrie announces on Twitter that her eponymous Christmas Special will premiere worldwide on Apple TV + on Friday, December 4th.

What TikTok wants for Christmas seems to be many of these Fed Excellent dance numbers.

“His overall mood is what the world needs right now,” said one fan about driver Uletide Pantomime.

“I just want to be friends with this guy so he can make me laugh,” another said.

It was also suggested to do a duet with an Amazon driver.

This is not the first time a courier has spread word-of-mouth due to illness. In June, an Amazon driver was filmed performing a quirky exercise routine at a woman’s front door after delivering a parcel.

He has Mariaa carrying your luggage.
This FedEx driver wants Maria to carry her luggage.Getty Images / Jam Press

FedEx driver danced to Mariah Carey’s Christmas song

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