Federal judges block vaccination obligations for New York teachers and staff

New York City’s vaccination obligations to education employees were put on hold after a federal judge temporarily blocked it on Friday night, officials said.

NS Must receive at least one dose The coronavirus vaccine is scheduled to close on Monday, and unvaccinated staff were banned from school on Tuesday and faced unpaid leave.However, the Federal Court of Appeals granted the injunction and filed the case. Panel of 3 judges.. A decision may be made this weekend.

Administrator Have supported Due to lack of staff, there are quite a few teachers School safety agent, When Other staff I haven’t been vaccinated yet. At least 87% of teachers are vaccinated, According to city officials. However, fees for other important school staff are considered to be much lower, and the principals’ union said that some large schools have dozens of unvaccinated teachers.As of Friday, about 30,000 education staff I haven’t yet submitted proof that they received the shot..

The school’s Prime Minister, Meisha Porter, told the principal on Saturday morning that the Ministry of Education was confident that the mission would ultimately be effective and urged officials to continue preparing for Tuesday’s implementation.

However, she acknowledged that the start date could be postponed while waiting for a court decision. Meanwhile, she wrote that the city’s vaccination or testing requirements were in place, requiring unvaccinated staff to submit a weekly negative coronavirus test.

“We are confident that the vaccine mission will continue to be upheld. Our students, school community and colleagues are worth more,” Porter emailed staff on Saturday morning.

The city’s vaccination obligations face challenges in many ways. The city’s trade union coalition also appealed to stop it. The judge in that case blocked a temporary injunction against the requirement.

Teachers’ unions have also filed labor complaints with the city, and ultimately the education sector has a process for educators to receive medical and religious exemptions and medical conditions that can be dangerous to return to the classroom. It was decided to establish an accommodation facility for some people.

Federal judges block vaccination obligations for New York teachers and staff

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