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New York (AP) —British social celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell has been at least 30 years old for her role in the sexual abuse of teenage girls by former boyfriend financier Jeffrey Epstein. The prosecutor said in writing Wednesday that he should spend his time in prison.

Prosecutors said she should be sentenced to 30 to 55 years in prison, reflecting federal judgment guidelines. They made a recommendation to a judge presided over a sentencing trial in federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday.

60-year-old Maxwell Convicted in December The number of sexual trafficking and other crimes after a month-long trial featuring testimony from four women who allegedly been abused in their teens.

A lawyer said in a ruling last week that she should spend less than five years in prison.

However, the prosecutor said Maxwell said, Horrible sexual abuse Of several young teenage girls between 1994 and 2004 in some of Epstein’s palace dwellings, they called her crime a “monster.”

“As part of a disturbing agreement with Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell identified, cared for, and abused multiple victims, but she enjoyed a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege. , Leaving the victim permanently injured by mental and mental injuries, “the prosecutor wrote.

“The damage is irreversible, but it can be explained in making a legitimate decision on Maxwell’s crime,” they added.

The prosecutor also urged the judge to deny Maxwell’s plea for generosity while waiting for the trial and then in prison because she was suffering in an unusual way. Attorneys said she was facing the threat of murder and the harsh conditions that caused her to lose her hair and weight.

“The defendant has enjoyed amazing privileges as a prominent prisoner who far exceeds the benefits given to the average prisoner,” the prosecution said. He is a prisoner, but the fact does not approach the value of generosity in the judgment, and the extraordinary generosity demanded by the defendant is much less. “

They also quoted Maxwell as they said, “a complete failure to deal with her criminal activity and her lack of complete remorse.” Instead of even giving hints on accepting responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to blame her wherever she can. “

Prosecutors said Maxwell’s allegations of being held liable for Epstein’s crimes and efforts to cast obsession on the government’s motivation to prosecute her were “ridiculous and offensive.”

“Maxwell was an adult of his choice. She chose to sexually exploit many underage girls. She chose to collude with Epstein for years and criminalized. He worked as a partner and caused devastating harm to vulnerable victims. “

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Federal Government: Ghislaine Maxwell deserves at least 30 years in prison | State News

Source link Federal Government: Ghislaine Maxwell deserves at least 30 years in prison | State News

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