Federal asks why Tesla didn’t remember “autopilot” after a fatal accident

Top US transport safety regulators want to know why Tesla didn’t issue a recall of its “autopilot” feature after a series of deadly collisions with emergency vehicles. It is investigating the company’s requirement for “fully autonomous driving” testers to sign non-disclosure agreements. ..

The Department of Road Safety has threatened to attack Tesla with a fine of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Following a series of incidents Autopilot mode Tesla allegedly crashed by police and other paramedics, According to a letter sent by NHTSA to Tesla, Tesla has issued a software update that addresses the issue.

However, issuing software updates that fix safety issues without issuing a formal recall violates agency rules.

“Manufacturers issuing wireless updates that mitigate defects that pose an unreasonable risk to vehicle safety must submit recall notices to NHTSA in a timely manner,” said Eddie Gates, director of field quality at Tesla. It states as follows.Was a letter First reported by the Associated Press..

The letter asks for a list of events that motivated the software update, the vehicle on which it was sent, and whether countermeasures span the entire Tesla fleet.

It also asks a company run by Elon Musk — recently Announced plans to relocate headquarters from California to Texas — Whether you intend to submit a recall document.

NHTSA is investigating a series of alleged collisions of Tesla in autopilot mode with an emergency vehicle.

“If not, please provide Tesla’s technical and / or legal basis for refusing to do so,” the agency asks.

Tesla must comply with the request by November 1, or face more than $ 114 million in lawsuits and civil fines, officials wrote.

In another special order sent to Tesla, NHTSA states that the company may have taken steps to prevent the agency from accessing safety information. “Fully automated driving” software testing Sign a nondisclosure agreement.

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Federal regulators have threatened to attack Tesla with fines of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The order requires Tesla to explain nondisclosure agreements and how they are signed by Tesla’s drivers. The company also states that Tesla “agrees to the conditions that prevent or prevent vehicle owners from sharing or discussing information about any aspect of the autopilot with anyone other than Tesla” to owners of vehicles equipped with autopilots. I have to say whether to request.

The response must be made by a Tesla officer under the oath. If Tesla does not fully comply, the order states that it can refer the matter to the Justice Department for a proceeding to enforce a response. You could also be fined more than $ 114 million.

Tesla, which does not have a media department, did not respond to requests for comment from the Post or Associated Press.

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NHTSA wants Tesla employees to testify about nondisclosure agreements under oath.

The letter shows that the already frosty relationship between NHTSA and Tesla is getting colder.

In August, the agency said it had Formal investigation of Tesla’s autopilot has begun Also, since 2018, the Autopilot or Traffic Aware Cruise Control Tesla has been aware of 11 crashes that collided with an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, flares, or other emergency traffic lights.

The survey covers 765,000 vehicles, or almost any vehicle manufactured by the company since 2014.

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The NHTSA survey covers 765,000 Tesla vehicles.

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Federal asks why Tesla didn’t remember “autopilot” after a fatal accident

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