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FBI: Two people arrested in a parliamentary riot for an online detective post

Information gathered and posted by a network of online detectives led to the arrest of two men who were separately charged for attacking the US Capitol on Tuesday. FBI Said in the court filings.

One of the men — Matthew Jason Beddingfield, 21 years old North Carolina — Also charged with attacking police officers with a flagpole during a riot Washington January 6, 2021.

Bedingfield and Eric Gerwatowski in New Hyde Park, 31, new York They were arrested in their home states on Tuesday after their case was opened.

The FBI cites information edited by online detectives in many of the more than 730 riot-related cases filed in federal court to date. The FBI said in a court filing that one of the leads received from “formerly unrelated civilians” helped investigators identify Bedddingfield as a mob.

In March, HuffPost reported that an online detective used face recognition software to connect an image of the Capitol Bedingfield to his face photo after being arrested in December 2019 in North Carolina. One of the hashtags associated with Beddington was #NaziGrayHat. “Probably because he seemed to make the gestures commonly associated with the Nazis,” the FBI agent said in a court filing.

The 21-year-old Bedingfield jumped over the barricade, charged a group of parliamentary police officers, and attacked them with the metal flagpole he brought, Filing said.

More than an hour later, Bedingfield entered the Capitol and waved the American flag as he walked a few laps, the agent wrote.After joining a group of riots trying to attack the Senate wing According to the agent, Bedingfield again used his flagpole to hit and try to hit law enforcement officers.

Bedingfield, a resident of Johnston County, North Carolina, spent about 30 minutes inside the Capitol, according to the FBI.

According to the FBI, Bedingfield has been under criminal record probation in North Carolina, and probation officers have identified him in photographs of the riots.

Twitter users who crowdsource information about the riots used the hashtag “#lordlonghair” to sort out the suspect’s leads that the FBI identified as Gerwatowski. The FBI reviewed a Twitter post featuring that hashtag and said it received two tips from the caller about Gerwatowski.

The video showed Gerwatowski in front of a crowd of police trying to close the door to prevent the rioters from entering the Capitol. He pulled open one of the doors the police had just closed, turned to the crowd and shouted, “Let’s go!” Then I entered the building, says the FBI.

One of those officers told the FBI that he had made a tactical decision not to engage Gerwatowski and other mobs.

“The official told the FBI that he had just come from the gallery area of ​​the Capitol where another mob, Ashli ​​Babbitt, was shot. Police officers told the FBI that he was exhausted and numerous. , Said earlier that day, had already been attacked by rioters and sprayed with some chemicals, “the FBI agent wrote.

FBI: Two people arrested in a parliamentary riot for an online detective post

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