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FBI Agent Confirms IRS Agent’s Testimony About Intervention In Hunter Biden Investigation

An FBI supervising special agent has confirmed key elements of an IRS official’s testimony that he was blocked from interviewing Hunter Biden as part of his criminal activity investigation, a top Republican investigator said Monday. Announced.

The agent, who has not been named, said senior FBI officials tipped off to the Secret Service the day before he was scheduled to be interviewed in December 2020. Investigators said in their testimony that they were then contacted to postpone the interview. House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

“As a result of the change in plans, IRS and FBI criminal investigators never met with Hunter Biden as part of the investigation,” Kentucky Republican and Commission Chairman James Comer said in a testimony. mentioned in the summary. publicly.

The allegation came two days before whistleblowers, IRS Special Agent Greg Shapley and another agent identified as “Mr. Johnson,” filed charges. X” is scheduled to appear before the committee.

Last month, the Ways and Means Commission released testimony from two people who said attempts to file charges against the president’s son Biden were repeatedly thwarted. They said they had never seen a case treated in this way.

FBI agents agreed. In a summary of his testimony on Monday, Mr. Kummer said he had never been told to wait outside until a target contacted him.

“The Justice Department’s efforts to cover up the Bidens reveal a disgusting dual justice system for the American people,” Mr. Cummer said.

Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to two tax violations and agreed to admit evidence that could lead to a felony charge of firearms. In a deal he signed, prosecutors proposed no jail time, and if he could keep his nose clean while on probation, there would be no gun felony.

A judge must approve the transaction.

The deal was signed by a Delaware U.S. attorney who took over from the Trump administration.

IRS officials said the case should have been filed elsewhere in California or the District of Columbia, but they claim prosecutors in those jurisdictions appointed by Biden refused.

Investigators also said Hunter Biden should have faced additional tax charges, including several felonies.

In their testimony, they described young Biden’s reckless behavior, including flying prostitutes for sex and writing off money paid to prostitutes as business expenses.

We also found interesting messages in his iCloud account that suggested his father was involved in his business dealings.

The White House claimed the president kept his business dealings with his son at a distance.

IRS officials said they were planning an interview with Hunter Biden on Dec. 8, 2020. That would have been after his father was elected president but before he took office.

The night before, they and the FBI agents learned that FBI headquarters had notified the Secret Service, and that the Biden transition team was aware of it. Agents said it was not part of the plan. FBI Agent Confirms IRS Agent’s Testimony About Intervention In Hunter Biden Investigation

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