Fast bursts of exercise can help the minds of diabetics

Frequent and short exercise sessions may be better than long and short exercises for the blood vessels of diabetics, and may reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a new study.

People with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of heart disease and have diminished vascular function, the study authors say. Measurements of vascular function are often used to determine the risk of heart disease.

Other studies have shown that reducing sitting time and increasing exercise reduces the risk of heart disease in everyone, not just diabetics.

However, according to a recently published online report in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart, “The rapid advances in workplace, transportation and home entertainment technology have reduced opportunities for accidental activity and long hours. Many contexts of daily life that encourage sitting are created “and circulatory physiology.

The study was led by Frances Taylor, who holds a PhD in exercise and sports science from the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.

Taylor’s team compared how blood flow and vasodilation in obese adults with type 2 diabetes responded to shorter, more frequent, or longer, less frequent exercise sessions.

In one test, participants sat for eight hours without taking an exercise break. In the second test, we did three minutes of exercise, including squats, leg lifts, and calf-raising every 30 minutes, then sat down and took a break. In the third test, we took a 6-minute exercise break every hour.

Studies have shown that vascular function tended to improve with both exercise approaches compared to uninterrupted sitting, but with exercise every 30 minutes.

The findings suggest that the frequency of interruptions in activity may be more important than the amount of time it lasts, the researchers said in a journal news release.

Taylor’s team reported that as type 2 diabetes progresses, vascular function declines, and it may be necessary to interrupt the sitting position more often to maintain blood flow to the legs.

“Our findings suggest that more frequent and shorter breaks may be more beneficial for improving vascular function than more frequent and less frequent breaks. [Type 2 diabetes]”They concluded.

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Source: American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, News Release, November 23, 2020

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Fast bursts of exercise can help the minds of diabetics

Source link Fast bursts of exercise can help the minds of diabetics

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