Far-left fear Democratic leader drug price compromise is a “fake” that benefits big pharma

Progressivists have called the compromise a “fake” and are panning Democratic leaders’ move to curtail President Biden’s plan for Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Plans to reduce drug costs were an important part of Mr. Biden’s social welfare and climate bill paired to satisfy the party’s moderates. Currently, far-left lawmakers and their allies say the new plan will not be enough to reduce the cost of the drug.

Democratic Vermont Rep. Peter Welch said the ongoing drug price compromise would “become a political error.”

He was one of several supporters of a conference call with reporters on Monday to blow up a deal at Capitol Hill aimed at satisfying moderates.

“People need to keep choosing whether to take the medicine they need, put food on the table, or put a roof on their head,” said Leslie Duck, founder of advocacy group. I mentioned the version that was made. Biden’s suggestion.

To make matters worse, a prominent Democratic pollster on the phone said weakening Mr Biden’s drug price plan would hurt Democrats trying to stick to parliamentary rule in next year’s midterm elections.

Democratic pollster President Jeffrey Garin of Heart Research said weakening or eliminating Mr. Biden’s proposal from the final package “an opportunity to be unable to talk about their achievements before next year’s elections. It will be.

It’s part of the growing disappointment on the left as the Democratic Party’s initial description of a “transformative” $ 3.5 trillion package becomes more detailed as it reveals details on how to reduce it to about $ 2 trillion. Half to appease moderates, especially Senator Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona.

Still, California Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi is optimistic that the party’s far-left and central differences can be bridged soon this week.

Biden’s drug pricing program was hit hard by companies that lowering drug prices would reduce the amount of money they could spend on developing new treatments. Moderate Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives, many of whom have received donations from pharmaceutical companies, have reiterated their concerns. Almost all Democrats need to go through the package, as the majority in both rooms are slim.

Pharmaceutical companies are calling on Biden’s plans to force negotiations with the government’s pricing scheme, Medicare. They oppose plans to impose new taxes on them if they disagree with the price the government wants.

Pharmaceutical companies need to offer the same low prices to people who take out medical insurance through private insurance.

The compromise offered by House Democrats excludes new drugs from price negotiations and eliminates the penalty of not doing business with Medicare.

Democrats Scott Peters of California and Kurt Schrader of Oregon’s plans will exempt new drugs from having to negotiate prices with the government for 21 years and reduce the number of drugs to be negotiated.

There are also no penalties for pharmaceutical companies if they don’t offer medicines at the prices the government wants, and no incentives for companies to agree to lower prices in negotiations.

These compromises are not a beginner for progressive advocates like Mr. Duck.

“Even if someone says that this involves negotiations, it won’t tell people the truth,” he said.

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Far-left fear Democratic leader drug price compromise is a “fake” that benefits big pharma

Source link Far-left fear Democratic leader drug price compromise is a “fake” that benefits big pharma

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