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Family Finds a Way to Stay Cool in Dangerous Heat – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) —Families throughout the tri-state area sought a place to cool off on Monday.

Unlike last year, CBS2’s Christina fans reported that there were plenty of options for relaxed public places.

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The heat on Monday was so harsh that even the most energetic kids had to time out after hours of playing. Jersey City Splash pad.

“You can see their faces. They are having fun, they don’t want to leave. Some of them have already told me” I don’t want to go back to school “,” the teacher said. Jennifer Rodriguez said.

With Forecast heat waveRodriguez is already planning a return trip to her summer camp.

Families throughout the region flocked to parks, beaches and pools. Capacity limits are a thing of the past.

“For me, it was hard to plan and schedule everything, so I’m relieved.” Brooklyn Resident Stephanie Ternize. “When it’s cold, I’m complaining that I need to be hot. It’s hot, so I’m complaining that I need to be cold.”

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Chopper 2 flew Coney Island, Beach umbrellas were scattered in the morning.

Visitors who are tired of cooling with water can return to the air-conditioned aquarium on the promenade.

“Sometimes we go to the beach, put up a small tent, hydrate as much as possible and dress in ice cream,” said four-year-old Henry Lee when he enjoyed the melted Haagen-Dazs. Lauren Charcow said.

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For those who had to work in hot and humid conditions, there was little to hide. Some fans told me they were going to get the job done early.

But for the Chariot Auto Repair mechanic, the garage won’t close until 6 pm for the rest of the week, when the hottest part of the day is already over.

“I’m already tired, but you know you need to drink plenty of water and do what we have to do,” Ricky Cunningham said. It was. “Heat, snow, we have to get out of here and do what we have to do.”

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In the town of Hempstead, supervisor Don Klabin warned residents about the severity of this week’s heat recommendations. When temperatures reached 100 degrees Celsius in the next few days, he extended the opening hours of the town’s pools and beaches.

“It’s like a 15 degree fall down to the beach. Ride and take advantage of it. I don’t want to hear people overheating. It’s already happening,” Klabin said. ..

The town has also opened nine cooling centers. CBS2 found an elderly person resting from high humidity.

Returning to the city, Emergency Management Commissioner John Scrivani reiterated many of the same concerns about the elderly.

“If you need to go out, avoid intense activity, especially during peak hours from 11:00 to 4:00, and if you need to do intense activity, keep hydrating,” Scrivani said. Says.

Mayor Bill de Blasio He also urged people to take heat recommendations seriously, stating that there are more than 200. Cooling center Open.

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Christina fans of CBS2 contributed to this report.

Family Finds a Way to Stay Cool in Dangerous Heat – CBS New York

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