Familiar Wine Shopping: Tips from Reliable Retailers

The end of a three-part series on the basics of wine appreciation.

Asked for advice From many wine merchants over the years. Thanks to their guidance, I found a great bottle that I might otherwise have overlooked — and avoided some really bad ones.In the final lesson of wine introductory, students Julian Pect, He also needed to connect with a reliable wine merchant.

Julian is a resident of New Jersey, so I chose a merchant who often asked for his opinion. I’m Donaga Bay, the wine team leader at Wayne’s Gary’s Wine & Marketplace. (Owner Gary Fisch owns a wine store in St. Helena, California and another wine store in New Jersey. His wife owns two more New Jersey locations.)

Donna (I knew it was too long to call her Mr. Garvey) was a reliable source of discovery under radar. Today she explained the wine shopping experience in an easy-to-understand manner. I told Julian when I met him near the store’s big cheese department. He held his notebook tight and seemed a little overwhelmed by the 24,000-square-foot store, which offered not only wine and cheese, but also glassware and all kinds of wine supplies.

Donna’s First Advice to Julian: “You need to find a store where you can get to know people and they can get to you.” One of the best ways Donna can quickly assess customer preferences is Ask the customer to taste a few bottles of wine at the store’s tasting bar. But on the day of our visit, it was not an option. The Gary’s Wine & Marketplace tasting bar has been closed since spring 2020 as a precautionary measure for Covid-19. (It resumed after that.)

Familiar Wine Shopping: Tips from Reliable Retailers

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