Fake anger at the city council’s “small” school budget cuts can set a bad precedent

When School enrollment drops sharply And the city that needs to save cash for future deficits, Mayor Eric Adams and the city council nodded to financial responsibility last month, Slightly reduce education spending.. Now this little cut is causing confusion.

You have to wonder: if the city can’t achieve this modest trim, we Genuine Budget crisis?

The June budget agreement reached by Adams and the council looked like this: Good signs for the future of New York: The council is progressive, yes, but it also understands reality.

Public school enrollment has fallen 6.3% over the last two years — Loss of 73,000 students — The council has agreed with Adams’ proposal to reduce education spending by $ 215 million.

For a $ 31 billion education budget, the savings represent about seven-tenth percentage points of projected spending.

Adams’ education department spent the whole summer trying to ensure that reductions didn’t affect classrooms, so students and parents in well-managed districts weren’t even aware of budget cuts. prize.

nevertheless Manufactured by the teachers union “Fuss”. The Union Teachers’ Federation organized protests for “hundreds” of teachers and parents, The “Fund Our Schools” campaign has started.

City Council Chair Adrian Adams was one of a group of council members who demanded that Mayor Adams restore budget cuts to schools.
Paul Martinka

It’s working. In mid-July, Chair Adrian Adams was one of the majority of council members who wrote to Adams. Request the cut to be “restored immediately”.. Progressive colleagues are now proclaiming “deeply regret” (Shahanahanif, Brooklyn) and “angry with themselves” (also Lincoln Restorer, Brooklyn).

All Nonsense: Adrian Adams and her council were free to vote for this budget with full information, more than two weeks before the June 30 deadline.

Members of the council are effectively protesting in their letters and appearances in the rally themselves..

last week, Eric Adams was on the verge of leaving it to the council Go back to that word and resume your budget to recover your savings. That would set a bad precedent. In the absence of anomalous crises, the officially voted completed budget should remain the completed budget.

If Adams Speakers and Progressive Caucus felt very strong about maintaining education funding, they should have chosen something else to cut — funding for summer work for kids? New homeless bed? — Back in June, Previous They agreed to a blueprint for next year’s spending.

The redo budget will be bad enough. But last week, the fake controversy spurred even worse precedent: state judges stopped the cut altogether.

The teachers union was able to arouse the modest budget cuts of $ 215 million.
Teachers’ unions were able to arouse a modest budget cut of $ 215 million from a $ 31 billion spending plan.
Gina M Randazzo / ZUMA Press Wire

In response to Proceedings Judge Lyle Frank of the Bronx Supreme Court submitted by two parents and two teachers Ordered the city to maintain last year’s spending levels Until the hearing in August.

Why does the judge say something?

It has to do with the complex way Albany gave former Mayor Mike Bloomberg control over education 20 years ago. State law permitting such controls created an “education policy panel” of 15 members who were to vote on budget issues, but not because the mayor declared an “emergency”. ..

Such “emergency situations” have been declared in 12 of the last 13 years, but no one has complained when spending increases rather than decreases.

Yes, the mayor (and his predecessor) should obey the law and not rely on permanent emergencies. But the Education Policy Board is one of the meaningless Albany creations that shouldn’t exist.

The mayor and the council in between provide each other with sufficient checks and balance to establish an education budget. They impose property taxes on payments for city services and are responsible for weighing the needs of one sector against the needs of another.

They don’t need 15 others, but most are appointed by the mayor and plumbing to mourn all the dollars lost in one department.

Moreover, it is not clear whether the mayor can control the vote of the appointed person in a real budget crisis. This increases the risk that the panel will repeatedly refuse to support future budget cuts, and what will happen then? I’m not sure.

Seven months after the new administration, the mayor’s lazy attempt at financial prudence is congressional to accept his own sloppy reliance on “emergency situations”, the political consequences of voting just a month ago. Is hampered by the refusal and the court’s interpretation. Badly written state law.

Meanwhile, contracts have expired and soon teachers want a 20% salary increase over two years, adding nearly $ 3 billion to their annual salary of $ 14 billion. Or It will work.

Nicole Gerinas is the Contribution Editor of the City Journal at the Manhattan Institute.

Fake anger at the city council’s “small” school budget cuts can set a bad precedent

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