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Failure led to premature access to vaccine schedules

Tens of thousands of appointments were misscheduled due to multiple design failures due to early access to the COVID-19 vaccine scheduling website in New York, according to a report released Thursday by the state inspector general’s office. rice field.

Report highlights Early problems with vaccine access in January, when dosages and schedules remained relatively rare. Appointments scheduled through the website through premature access were eventually canceled.

The report found that issues related to the state scheduling website were a series of unintended factors that led to the scheduling of vaccine reservations at the Binghamton, Buffalo, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, and Utica sites. I did.

At that time, the state restricted access to vaccination to front-line medical workers, nursing homes, and first responders.

The report determined that some issues in the design and implementation of the scheduling website led to early access. These issues included that websites created solely for training purposes were accessed and used by the general public. Users of screening tools could also view the addresses of vaccine scheduling sites in their browsers, and people could access those websites by copying and pasting them.

And while the report called it a “misunderstanding” of the program’s functionality, its architects, programmers, and administrators were given unintended access to the general public when vaccination events were created on the system. Was done.

Social media also spreads access to links through groups of people. The report found that counties, school districts, union leaders, and religious groups distributed active links prematurely through email distribution lists.

Scheduling websites are the State Department of Health, the Department of Information Technology Services, and Health Research, Inc. Created through

“State employees started their vaccine registration program in record time and worked tirelessly to achieve excellent results,” said Deputy Inspector General Robin Adair. “But some factors left the general public prematurely and unknowingly” jumping the line. ” While DOH, ITS, HRI and others have been able to reduce vulnerabilities, our study shows that the state immunization registration system continues to shoot all New Yorkers’ arms fairly and efficiently. We have identified how to be able to withstand the effort. “

Failure led to premature access to vaccine schedules

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