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A Senate committee has called on Facebook and Twitter CEOs to defend the disinformation handling in the contest between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. However, Senators are deeply divided by political parties over the integrity and outcome of the election itself.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday asking Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey about their actions over the tightly contested elections. The two social media CEOs are expected to testify in a video.

Prominent Republican senators, including Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the South Carolina Judiciary Committee, have found Trump’s rationale for false information online that disagrees with Biden’s victory. Refused to deny allegations of fraudulent and fraudulent voting.

Republicans escalated allegations of anti-conservative bias imposed on major tech companies at a Senate subcommittee hearing on Wednesday.

Graham, Trump’s close ally, publicly urged: “Don’t admit, President. I’ll fight hard.”

Last month, Zuckerberg and Dorsey promised that lawmakers would actively protect their platforms from being manipulated by foreign governments and inciting violence over election results. He took steps to attract attention that offended Trump and his supporters.

Both Twitter and Facebook label some of Trump’s content with incorrect information. In particular, his claim linking email voting to fraud. On Monday, Twitter flagged Trump’s tweet declaring “I won the election!” In this memo: “Official sources called this election differently.”

Documentary journalist Alexandra Pelosi is showing a new movie called “American Selfie: One Nation Shoot It Self”. LX News told filmmaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter about the dangers of social media in democracy and her fears of the future.

Facebook also moved two days after the election to ban a large group called “Stop the Steal” that Trump supporters used to organize protests against the number of votes. A group of 350,000 members reiterated Trump’s unfounded allegations about fraudulent elections that invalidated the outcome.

In the days following the election, when the votes were counted, Copycat’s “Stop the Steal” group was easily found on Facebook. As of Monday, Facebook seemed to make it difficult to find them, but it was still possible to find them, including some groups with thousands of members.

Mr. Trump and Republicans have accused social media companies of anti-conservative prejudice, paying close attention to how companies use their power to filter speech and ideas. Democrats have also criticized them for a variety of reasons. As a result, both parties are interested in removing some of the protection that has protected tech companies from legal liability for what people post on the platform. Biden sincerely supported such behavior.

Social enterprises such as Facebook and Twitter are beginning to take action against malicious expressions and misinformation on their platforms. But NBC News technology reporter Brandy Zadrozny says that solving the problem requires more than the current mole-striking approach.

However, the main focus of the hearing on Tuesday is likely to be the actions taken by companies over elections.

The Republican majority of the Judiciary Committee threatened Zuckerberg and Dorsey with a subpoena last month if they did not agree to voluntarily testify about Tuesday’s hearing. Senate Trade Commission Republicans accused the two CEOs and Google CEO Sundar Pichai at a hearing last month, conservatively giving political parties in countries such as China and Iran free control. He said it was a pattern that silenced his views.

Elections turned out to be the safest in U.S. history, despite security concerns in preparation by November 3 and social media companies prepared for the worst, both parties federal and state Authorities say — denies Trump’s allegations of unfounded fraud.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that the policy was an effort to prevent the campaign and its supporters from proclaiming a premature victory.

Facebook claims that it has learned lessons from the 2016 elections and is no longer the path of misinformation, voter oppression, and election turmoil. This fall, Facebook launched a small network of accounts and pages linked to the Russian Internet Research Agency, a “trol factory” that has used social media accounts to disperse US political discord since the 2016 election. Announced that it has been deleted. Twitter has suspended 5 related accounts.

However, some key outsiders and Facebook employees have said that despite spending billions of dollars, the company’s efforts to strengthen safeguards are still inadequate.

“Facebook only works if we feel there is a threat to our reputation and revenue,” said Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Digital Hate Countermeasures Center. The organization was pressing Facebook to remove the “Stop the Steal” group.

A few days after Twitter used the fact-checking feature in tweets, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to challenge the protection of social media platform liability on Thursday. Scott Budman reports.

Researchers have found that there is no evidence that social media giants are biased towards conservative news, posts, or other sources, or that they favor one of the political debates more than the other. However, criticisms of corporate policies and the handling of disinformation related to elections have come from the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party.

Democrats have focused their criticism primarily on hate speech, false information, and other content that could incite violence, vote for the coronavirus, and spread falsehoods. They criticize tech CEOs for failing to crack down on content and blaming platforms involved in hate crimes and the rise of white supremacy in the United States, which criticizes election-related false information. It extends to efforts.

Barbara Ortutay, an AP technology writer in Oakland, California, contributed to this report.

Facebook, Twitter CEO Faces Questions About Elections – NBC New York

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