Facebook staff advised Andrew Mark Cuomo’s team on “victim shame” whistleblowers

A Facebook manager who once worked for Andrew Mark Cuomo secretly advised a team of shameful former governors that sexual harassment was “victim’s shame,” according to a text message released this week by the Attorney General of New York. bottom.

Facebook staff then tried to hide her involvement in the advice to the governor, the message reveals.

“Be nervous about FB because I know I’m working on something like this,” wrote former Cuomo staff Dani Lever in March about her new employer. That same night, Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi told Lever that she had removed her name from an upcoming news article.

“I was rich, but I was able to kiss you, but this week seems to be in bad shape,” Lever replied, as the governor was involved in allegations of improper behavior against the staff.

Both were scrambling to help Cuomo respond to the allegations that ultimately led to his resignation. Lever, who has been working on Facebook since August 2020, Advised the team of governors at the time for months, According to the message.

In one example, Lever helped Cuomo’s aide decide how to fill Cuomo’s staff, Lindsey Boylan. Governor accused of sexual harassment in December 2020..

According to the lawyer’s president, Lever helped share Boylan’s personnel records with reporters in a message addressed to Azzopardi and the second-ranked governor, Melissa Delosa, in December 2020.

Lever compared the “victim blaming” strategy with President Joe Biden’s response Allegations of sexual misconduct Text shows from former Senate employee Tara Reid during Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Cuomo’s whistleblower Lindsey Boylan in the photo may be “ashamed of the victims,” ​​Facebook manager Dani Lever said.

“By the way, this was part of Biden’s reaction. The Biden camp said,” This never happened, “and then made a statement,” Lever wrote.

A few days later, Lever told Cuomo’s ally Linda Reiswell, “I still don’t know why we’re talking to the government, but I’m here for a ride.”

Lever’s work for Cuomo even included confronting former Cuomo staff by “liked” a tweet from a whistleblower named Charlotte Bennett.

“Do you like Charlotte’s tweets? Lever said in a series of messages to former staff Andrew Ball in February.” Was it intentional? Can you hate it? ”

The ball then responded “done” and the lever responded with a heart emoji. Ball, who was no longer working at Cuomo, told investigators that he didn’t like the tweet because he wanted to maintain a relationship between the governor and his team.

The message was unearthed as part of Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into Cuomo’s sexual misconduct. Leaded to his resignation in August..

James has since released regular material from her research on what Cuomo’s camp is trying to portray as a politically motivational bid to boost her. Unique campaign for the governor..

Daniell Facebook text
“I’m nervous about FB knowing I’m working on this,” Lever wrote in March.

In addition to Lever’s message, this week’s batch of documents also included 449 pages. Transscript A state of the testimony record taken by a James investigator with Lever in June. Grilled her about her work at Cuomo and why she kept it secret from Facebook.

“That’s what I was doing in my personal time, and I would have liked Facebook so I didn’t know about it,” Lever said.

Dani lever
Lever also confronted former Cuomo staff for liking a tweet from one of the former governor’s whistleblowers.

Lever testified that most of Cuomo’s behind-the-scenes work was done without Facebook’s knowledge, but Facebook supervisors put his name in a February letter disputing Boylan’s allegations. He added that he had permission. Cuomo proposed playing strip poker on a taxpayer-funded jet in 2017..

“I asked for permission,” Lever said. “She was fine with that.”

Ethics experts have raised concerns that it is possible to work with Lever’s Cuomo. Put Facebook on the other side of New York’s lobbying law, Registered lobbyists are prohibited from giving civil servants a gift worth more than $ 15. According to public records, Facebook has been registered as a lobbyist in New York since at least 2019.

According to David Grando, a former top ethics watchdog in New York, Lever is involved in communication, so helping Cuomo survive the public relations crisis was an illegal gift.

“It’s a gift to use your professional services and provide them to civil servants for free,” Grandeau told The Post in September. “It’s a misdemeanor for her and a misdemeanor for Facebook. It’s a clear violation.”

Andy Stone, Meta Spokesperson — Became the parent company of Facebook — Declined to comment on Lever’s work for Cuomo and potential lobbying violations. Azzopardi declined to comment. Lever did not respond to the request for comment.

Lever is one of the few Cuomo’s best friends who does not seem to face professional results due to their role in the scandal.

Cuomo’s older brother Chris was interrupted from his CNN show on Tuesday After the Attorney General released terrible details about how he coordinated the defense of his brother-and including other best friends Alfonso David, Head of the Human Rights Campaign, Time’s Up executives Tina Tchen and Roberta Kaplan,and Duo of Managing Director of Public Relations Company Kivvit Since James published her investigation in August, everything has either quit their role or has been fired.

After the post first reported on Lever’s role in Cuomo’s defense, lawmakers, including Republican US lawmaker Elise Stephanik and Democratic lawmaker Ron Kim, called on Facebook to dismiss her.Kim also said that “at least” Facebook should be Hire an outside law firm to investigate Lever’s role in advising the governor — Steps taken by the Human Rights Campaign before the organization fired David.

Peter Ajemian, a former Cuomo staff member who helped the governor fight allegations of sexual misconduct, said: Won a job at Apple during the summer.. The company has not commented on his role in the Cuomo scandal.

Facebook staff advised Andrew Mark Cuomo’s team on “victim shame” whistleblowers

Source link Facebook staff advised Andrew Mark Cuomo’s team on “victim shame” whistleblowers

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