“F9” box office record Vin Diesel: “Cinema is back!”

“F9” made box office revenue this weekend. Since the movie theater closed in 2020, it has rapidly become the world’s largest release. COVID-19 blockade..

Therefore, there is an official declaration. “Cinema is back!”, Franchise starring actor Vin Diesel announced in an official statement.

The delay in theatrical release is Right movement of the sequel to “Fast and Furious”, 9th for 20 consecutive years in the franchise. Movie fans sold a record $ 70 million in domestic box office revenue over the opening weekend. This surpassed the short-lived record of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II, which brought $ 48.3 million.

Following their blockbuster success, Diesel (53) and Oscar winner Charlize Theron (45), two Many acclaimed actors in the movieThank you to the filmmakers, fans and cinemas In a statement to variety..

“I think the only thing that feels good is the idea that people are returning to the theater experience. It’s good to say,” Cinema is back! ” “Diesel said with Charlize Theron to support the event at the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP).

A man called Dominic Toretto on the screen praises FF’s Studio Universal for having the foresight to refrain from releasing streaming during the pandemic and instead wait for the cinema to reopen. Did.

“I can’t blame another studio for wanting to stream a movie, but a studio like Universal is bold enough to say,” Hey, I’m going to support theatrical release. ” I take them off their hats, “Diesel said.

After making his debut in eight installments, Theron returned to “F9” as a malicious cyber mastermind cypher.

“That’s amazing,” Theron told Variety. “It’s pretty impressive just considering the fact that they’re in the ninth movie.”

“It’s a great movie to help us come back,” she added.

Charlize Theron and John Cena "F9."
In “F9”, Charlize Theron as the code, John Cena as Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), and Jacob’s estranged brothers.

“F9” box office record Vin Diesel: “Cinema is back!”

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