Ezra Miller houses three children and their mom on a gun-filled farm in Vermont: Report

Ezra Miller is said to have been accepting three children aged 1 to 5 and their 25-year-old mother on a drug- and gun-filled farm in Vermont since mid-April. According to Rolling Stone With the new Exposé released on Thursday.

The Rock Bible spoke with the father of a child who was worried about their safety and claimed that there were unmanned firearms around Miller’s 96-acre site. In an April video reviewed by Rolling Stone, “at least eight assault weapons, rifles, and pistols are around the living room, and some are leaning against a pile of stuffed animals,” the publication said. I am saying.

Two other sources support the father’s claim, one recalling the case of a one-year-old child picking up a loose bullet and putting it in his mouth. According to Rolling Stone, they both claimed that there was “heavy” marijuana use around the children and there was “almost” no concern about proper ventilation.

Not everyone involved has been named for privacy purposes, but the father met his mother during a problematic trip to Hilo, Hawaii in March, as she and her children visit Vermont. Said that he bought a ticket for the plane. Dad claimed he didn’t know they were going on a trip, and claimed that he couldn’t see or talk to them after they left.

Miller was arrested in two assaults in Pahoa, Hawaii on April 19.
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“I’m hungry,” said his father. “I want to take my kids. They mean the world of f-king to me.”

However, the mother spoke to Rolling Stone, claiming that Miller helped her escape from her “violent and abusive” father. He denied her claim.

In May 2021, the mother pursued a domestic violence case against her father, according to Hawaii court records obtained by Rolling Stone. She falls because her father couldn’t serve. Her father denied all allegations of abuse.

In April, the father also reportedly filed a pending domestic proceeding against his mother over the removal of children from the state.

“”[Ezra’s] The ranch of the house was a healing paradise for us, “the mother told the magazine. “They may have self-defense firearms, and they are kept in parts of the house where children never enter … My children are safe and the safety Ezra has provided to them. You can be more relaxed in their healing for. “

Still, the worried father said he was trying to get the children back from April. He contacted the state’s Department for Children and Family and local police to carry out a medical examination. According to a text reviewed by Rolling Stone between his father and social workers, they visited the farm on May 16 and said the children were “looking good” and the workers “have more to do.” “.

In this image, taken from a video of the Hawaii State Justice System, Ezra Miller appears via Zoom for a court hearing in Hilo, Hawaii on Tuesday, April 19.

The report is added to the pile of complaint distributions to Miller. They have been accused of caring for many young people, including Gibson Iron Eyes, who allegedly renamed and used her / their pronouns.

Talk to the post Earlier this month, Gibson’s mom, Sarah Jumping Eagle, said Miller had “brainwashed” her child.

“He doesn’t let Tokata or other girls bathe or make up,” Jumping Eagle claimed by calling the child by their birth name.

“They have to ask for his permission. It’s an R. Kelly type situation and it’s very scary,” she added.

Parents received a protection order against Miller, claiming that the child was facing mental health problems, was cared for and controlled by Miller, and that the actor gave him a high dose of LSD earlier this year.But teen I took you to Instagram Protect the actor and blame the family involved.

In addition, Massachusetts mothers and non-binary children were also ordered to protect the stars after their families. Claim that the actor threatened them..

It’s also a mirror Accused of other misconduct And was Arrested twice within a month In Hawaii.

Ezra Miller
The “flash” actors made many disturbing claims to them.
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Ezra Miller houses three children and their mom on a gun-filled farm in Vermont: Report

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