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Explainer: US Moderna Vaccine Amount of COVID-19 vaccine shipped with vaccine US vaccine

After obtaining an emergency permit, the COVID-19 vaccine began shipping in the United States and began promoting the largest vaccination ever in the United States. However, supply is expected to be limited for some time.

The first wave of shipments is aimed at healthcare professionals and nursing home residents. Authorities say the vaccine should be available to everyone by the middle of next year.

A truck with Pfizer’s vaccine went on sale on Sunday. Army General Gustav Perna of Operation Warp Speed, a government effort to develop and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, said it plans to deliver it to 145 distribution centers nationwide by Monday. An additional 425 sites will ship on Tuesday and the remaining 66 sites will ship on Wednesday.

So far, only Pfizer vaccines, which the Food and Drug Administration gave a green light on Friday, are shipping. Another vaccine by Moderna will be reviewed by an expert panel this week and may be approved shortly thereafter.

Other vaccines may follow.

How many shots will be shipped first?

When the state was informed of the first round allocation earlier this month, Perna said the numbers were based on the 6.4 million Pfizer doses that were ready for distribution at the time. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be given twice, so the government is refraining from giving it a second time to ensure that people can get it.

According to Perna, another 500,000 doses have been put on hold in case of an emergency.

How much vaccine do each state have?

US officials say it is based on the state’s population over the age of 18. Federal authorities haven’t released a breakdown, but some states share the initial quota.

For example, Colorado says it will be vaccinated 46,800 times with the Pfizer vaccine in the first round and will be vaccinated with more in the coming weeks. If the Modana vaccine is approved, the first shipment of the shot will be 95,600, said Kevin Kline, Head of Homeland Security and Emergency Management at the state.

How much is going on?

By the end of December, US officials say they expect 20 million people to have enough vaccine to give the first dose. This means that about 40 million shots will be available. It takes into account Moderna’s vaccine. This also requires two doses and clears regulatory hurdles.

Officials say they expect to vaccinate another 30 million people in January and another 50 million people in February.

Why not distribute all doses immediately?

Pfizer research data show that people receive some protection after the first shot, but authorities say full protection means two doses. And they need to make sure they take the second dose at the right time, three weeks after the first shot.

For the Moderna vaccine, the second dose will be given 4 weeks after the first dose.

However, authorities want to risk not getting a second shot, as the exact number of additional shots available each week can vary, especially depending on how much can be produced first. It states that it is not.

Can I change my strategy?

Authorities say they may make adjustments as they become more confident in future supply flows.

“As we gain more experience in quality control of production, of course, we will gain greater confidence in the level of supply readiness we refrain from for the second dose,” Health and Welfare Secretary Alex Azar said in a briefing. I did. With a reporter. “But we do not distribute the vaccine, knowing that boosters are not available, either from the reserves we have supplied or from the ongoing, expected, predicted production.”

How are the doses already available?

Pfizer’s shot has just received a green light from regulators, but due to the ongoing production and stockpiling of doses, shipments can begin immediately. If the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective, it was an opportunity the authorities took to speed up delivery.

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Explainer: US Moderna Vaccine Amount of COVID-19 vaccine shipped with vaccine US vaccine

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