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Experts warn to keep an eye out for dangerous “zombie” trees as the weather gets tougher – CBS New York

Morristown, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Trees are a colorful and peaceful addition to the gardens throughout the tri-state area, but face many stressors that can kill trees inside out without anyone knowing.

Experts call these trees “zombies,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdoch reported Monday.

Some scratch their way off the ground while others stand and wait for Halloween. That’s when these zombies can attack. But experts warn about the living dead around us that can cause serious harm at any time. Zombie trees appear to be alive, but they are actually dead inside.

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“Zombie trees are alive, but only infected,” said James Campbell of Morristown, New Jersey.

“This was an accident waiting to happen,” said Jason Reitter, district manager at the Davey Tree Expert Company.

Ritter said he visited Central Park in Morris County a week ago.

“This tree was here and was dead as cold as a stone,” he said.

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Looking at the rot left behind, the tree in question was clearly dead. But in many cases, dead trees are only visible to specialists. Looking up at the canopy of a nearby tree, it looks healthy enough. But then look down.

“Literally, there can be open cracks in this tree, or cracks that swirl around the tree,” says Reitter.

In the middle you can see the hard trunk dusty.

Zombie tree.

Ritter said he discovered more pests this year than he did a few years ago, adding that the pests and weather were the cause.

“I’ve seen a lot of root rot,” he said.

When the ground becomes saturated due to excessive rainfall, the oxygen supply of trees is cut off and the trees drown. Strong winds also cause havoc on cracked trees.

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The tree can be quite cracked, in which rot occurs, after which the entire spiral of this decline begins.

Regarding pests Spotted lantern fly Leave the mark, but Emerald Ash Borer Destroy

“I saw a lot of ash trees that could be considered zombie trees,” said Lori O’Connor of Chester, NJ.

Murdoch saw one in Morristown.

“Probably within a year or two, this tree will look like any other tree,” says Reitter.

But it poses a threat now. The emerald ash bowler is weakening the tree.

When do I need to call an expert because a zombie tree is lurking?

“We want to be able to fix something, not just before the storm,” says Reitter.

Reitter advises residents to get good arborists and meet them every year. Some zombie trees can rejoin life.

Fungi and diseases can also make zombie trees. If you find mushrooms on the trunk, it’s worth checking out with an arborist.

Experts warn to keep an eye out for dangerous “zombie” trees as the weather gets tougher – CBS New York

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