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New York City Jews preparing for Yom KippurLisa Rozner of CBS2 details how the Upper West Side family prepares for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

Broadway returns: CBS2 interviews members of NYPD mounted unitsCBS2’s Dana Tyler has a story.

Broadway Returns: Diversity and Oneness in Everyone’s MindCBS2’s Cindy Hsu has a story.

Broadway returns: local businesses are excited about the crowd coming backCory James of CBS2 details the impact on the local economy.

Broadway returns: thrilling fans buy back ticketsJenna De Angelis of CBS2 spoke with many of them on Tuesday.

Broadway returns: 97,000 theater workers sigh of reliefCBS2’s Dave Carlin has a story.

Broadway returns: what it means for performersAli Baumann of CBS2 has a story.

Jews in New York prepare for Yom KippurLisa Rozner of CBS2 is looking at how Upper West Side residents are preparing for their vacation.

A well-known problem that makes it difficult for the New York City subway to return stronglyMarcia Kramer of CBS2 details the difficult battles facing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

NYPD mounted units keep the theater district safeWhen the show begins, thousands of people are back on the street and, as always, the NYPD Mounted Police are there to keep everyone safe.

Broadway returns with a variety of voices on and off the stageFans from all over the world are driving to travel to Broadway and create more diversity among the talented teams that perform the show. Reported by Cindy Hsu of CBS2.

Broadway Returns: Great Whiteway Means Big Money, New York Big BusinessCompanies in and around the Great Whiteway saw shades of gray during the pandemic shutdown. Business was unaffected when the theater was forced to close, affecting hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. Reported by Cory James of CBS2.

Broadway returns: enthusiastic fans willing to see the show againTheater enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for Broadway to return. Reported by Jenna De Angelis of CBS2.

Broadway returns: Resuming means returning to work for thousands of New YorkersThe closure of Broadway not only hit New York City tourists hard, but also affected tens of thousands of workers. Reported by Dave Carlin of CBS2.

Broadway return: Performers excited to take the stage after an 18-month pandemic breakIn addition to the three shows currently running, five Broadway shows will begin. The opening of “The Lion King,” “Hamilton,” “Luckawan Blues,” “Chicago,” and “Wicked.” Reported by Ali Baumann of CBS2.

A rare painting by Cesare Dandini, believed to have been lost, found in the Church of New RochelleThe 100-year-old church in New Rochelle had a 400-year-old treasure that no one understood until the man stopped worshiping and looked up. Reported by Tony Aiello of CBS2.

New York Weather: CBS2 Weather Heading Tuesday Evening 9/14Vanessa Murdoch of CBS2 is looking at the forecast.

Gabby Petit’s family, law enforcement says her boyfriend isn’t talkingOn Tuesday, a search for a missing woman from Long Island continued. The 22-year-old disappeared during a cross-country van trip with her boyfriend. He went home, but she didn’t. Report by Carolyn Gusoff of CBS2.

After Ida’s death and destruction, the New York City Council will hold a hearing on storm preparationExtreme weather events like Aida are becoming more and more frequent. Elected officials are now planning to ensure that the city is ready to deal with the next storm. Reported by Natalie Dridge of CBS2.

Children and parents were unlucky due to a shortage of school bus driversOutside El Dorado Elementary School in Chestnut Ridge, there were more taxis than school buses on Wednesday. Reported by Nick Caloway of CBS2.

Mayor De Blasio announces emergency plan for Rikers IslandIn the face of increasing pressure, Mayor Bill de Blasio outlined an emergency plan to address the Rikers Island crisis on Tuesday. Reported by Aundrea Cline-Thomas of CBS2.

Federal Judge Blocks Vaccination Obligation For Healthcare Workers In New YorkSeventeen health care workers filed proceedings, alleging that their mission did not grant religious exemptions and therefore violated constitutional rights.

Collision stops traffic on Route 280, New JerseyFive vehicles, including a tractor trailer, were involved in the collision, injuring at least two people.

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies at age 61McDonald’s died after a long fight against cancer, CBS Los Angeles confirmed with his manager Mark Gurvitz.

Excited fans buy back tickets – breaking news, sports, weather, transportation, and the best of New York

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