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Ex-wife, three other people charged with killing a Missouri couple found on the porch

A prosecutor in Greene County, Missouri, has charged four people in connection with the killing of a couple on Willard’s porch at the time of the violent death, Springfield News-Leader reports.

Police reported that the engaged couple, Alex Chute, 28, and Brianna Sprawl, 30, were found murdered on November 14.

They were shot dead.

Prosecutors allege that Shoot’s ex-wife, Teresa Cox, 27, attempted to murder a Missouri couple on a porch.

According to court documents, Shoot’s ex-wife, Teresa Cox, put into action a plan to kill Shoot and took the other three to help.

Four suspects charged with killing Willard and his wife

Cox and Chute were involved in a nasty custody battle over their 4-year-old daughter.

Cox called on her boyfriend Duncan “mixi” Bogle, 20, to kill the couple.

Next, Cox allegedly relied on Pizza Hut’s companion Matthew Plum, 43, to secure her with a solid alibi and help dispose of the gun used to kill her.

KY3 reports that a 4-year-old child, who was at the center of the conflict, was found alone at his father’s and stepmother’s Missouri home while the couple were murdered outside.

In this case, four people will be prosecuted.

Missouri Police Chief Willard Addresses Two Arrests Related to Double Murder in California

Duncan Bogle has been charged with shooting a couple murdered on a Missouri porch.

Teresa Cox is portrayed as the mastermind behind the crime behind the pre-planned murder.

Marshall of the United States arrested Bogle and Cox in San Francisco last week.

People reported in mid-November that Missouri officials did not consider their killings to be random, even immediately after the couple were killed on the porch.

If you have information about the incident, please call Willard Police Station (417) 742-5341.

A mystery surrounding the death of a Missouri couple found on the porch, and police say it wasn’t a murder-suicide

GoFundMe launched to help Alexander Shoot’s daughter raise over $ 6,000.

Bogle was charged with two charges: a single murder and an armed crime for orphaned a four-year-old child who was left alone after a Missouri couple was killed on the porch. ..

Matthew Plum’s relative, Terin Plum, was also charged with attempting to cover up the murder program.

Springfield News-Leader reports that Matthew Plumb was charged with one murder, two thieves, armed criminal activity, and falsification of evidence.

He has been put in jail without being detained and the attorneys in this case are not listed.

The document describes how Springfield Pizza Hut employees planned to kill the Willard couple.

Ex-wife, three other people charged with killing a Missouri couple found on the porch

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