EU promotes more autonomy in Afghanistan’s fallout | World

“Strategic conditions, strategic changes show that we now need a stronger Europe,” said Claudio Graziano, chairman of the EU Military Committee. “The situation in Afghanistan, Libya, the Middle East and the Sahel shows that it is time to start with the creation of a swift European entry force that can show the European Union’s willingness to act as a global strategic partner. If not now, I will be late later. “

However, finding consensus among the 27 EU member states to generate such power is a difficult order. European countries on the border with Russia, such as Poland and the Baltic states, often oppose the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautonomy. EU heavyweight Germany strongly supports using NATO for security operations and maintaining US defense in Europe.

However, Slovenian Defense Minister Madheshi Tonin, who is currently the EU’s presidency, said he believes a few countries are in favor of this idea.

The EU already has a quick response team (so-called combat group) consisting of about 1,500 people. However, they have never been used in a major crisis and Brock has not deployed EU missions in active conflict zones.

Defense Minister Tonin said the defense minister had begun discussions on how to send soldiers abroad in a quick and efficient manner, without EU consensus, by removing the unanimous requirement.

EU promotes more autonomy in Afghanistan’s fallout | World

Source link EU promotes more autonomy in Afghanistan’s fallout | World

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