Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Vacation

Reservations, check. Packing, check. Music, check. Books, check. You may be fully prepared for your vacation, but have you considered entertainment options that go beyond books and music? Don’t get us wrong! We love reading and listening to music, but these are mostly solitary activities. Both are wonderful ways to unwind and truly sink into the feeling of a vacation, but they seldom allow us to connect with others in our group. 

We have a few entertainment ideas for your next vacation that will truly put you in a vacation state of mind, while also allowing you to bond and have fun with your travel group. Let’s play!

Musical Instruments

We can all agree that listening to music is one of the best ways to lift our spirits and pass time, but what if you could move from listening to music to actually playing a musical instrument. While not everyone may be a trained musician, there are a few instruments that are easy to get a hang of and even easier to carry with you.

A ukulele, for example, is one of the most convenient and beautiful instruments you can carry. If you are relatively new to playing any instrument, you will find the ukulele easy to manage. This 4-string instrument is perfect even while you are backpacking. A banjolele, as you may guess, is a cross between a banjo and a ukulele. It offers you the convenient size of a ukulele and the ability to tune the instrument in different ways, so it can go from being a banjo to a ukulele with a few adjustments. 

Lightweight and compact, some builders specifically design ukuleles and banjoleles to be used outdoors, so you can be sure your instruments will resist damage from the elements. 

Being able to play a musical instrument while traveling through different places is advantageous in every way. Imagine sitting by a campfire, with your friends or family around you, strumming everyone’s favorite tunes, having them sing along. Or, waiting for a bus to arrive and connecting with strangers over music that you may be playing. These experiences are what travel is made of and carrying a musical instrument with you is great for entertaining yourself, your group, and even strangers.

Board Games

There is nothing like a board game to get everyone excited and energized. Whether you are traveling with kids or adults, carrying games with you is a great way to ensure that no one ever feels bored on a vacation. 

Board games are also fun because they help us exercise different parts of our brains and teach kids to understand friendly competition and teamwork. Consider spending time in city parks while you play games, so you get to experience the city while also indulging in an activity that everyone can enjoy. One thing you may want to consider while picking up board games for your trip is the number of loose pieces a board game may need. You want to keep these to a small number, so you don’t misplace any. Board games for road trips and journeys should also be easy to set up. There are several you can choose from that are specifically designed to be travel-friendly.

Play Word Games That Don’t Take Up Space

If your car is packed with people, snacks, and packs and there is no space for anything else, that’s okay! Word games are a popular way to keep your group from getting bored on any trip. Whether you are traveling by road, air, or using public transport, playing games such as “I spy”, or “word association” is a fun way to not only keep everyone engaged, but also encourage them to pay attention to their surroundings. 

Word games are also great since they can be played by people of different ages. From the young ones to the elderly, if your trip is made up of different generations, bring them together with these games.

Traveling is a great way to see a new place, and to connect with ourselves and others. Carry along some of these entertainment ideas with you on your next vacation and come back with memories to last a lifetime. 


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