Endure well; Ask for a ride | Advice

Annie Lane

Dear Annie: I am an 80 year old female, widow. I’m alone.

I have a history of arthritis and cannot take arthritis medication because of gastric ulcer. I had a total hip arthroplasty in the spring, so I wanted to be able to walk without a walker. It’s clear that Walker needs to work. I talked to an orthopedist. Surgery is not an option. There is also scoliosis.

I have a small walker with 3 wheels. I keep it in my car for use when going to beauty shops and other short trips. I need help getting pedestrians out of the car. I can drive, and when I do, I mainly drive in town.

I am always active and volunteer in hospitals and other citizenships. It’s hard to ask for help. There are people who get groceries at my house. She comes every two weeks unless I have a doctor’s appointment.

I missed going to church. My kids don’t live in the same city, so asking for their help is not an option. None of my friends have offered help. You can’t go alone because there’s no help in getting the walker out of the car.

I picked up a friend and offered to give her a ride to the church. She said she liked to use her car because she liked to go early. She didn’t offer to board me.

Endure well; Ask for a ride | Advice

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