Elon Musk Invited to Join MetaHealth Technology Inc. Advisory Board

Revolutionary MedTech Platform Poised to Transform the Healthcare Industry

The groundbreaking MedTech company, MetaHealth Technology Inc. (MetaHealth), has invited business and technology tycoon, Elon Musk, to join its advisory board.
For doctors, hospitals, and patients alike, the American healthcare system has become exceedingly difficult to navigate. There have been sky-high costs, and difficulties tracking and accessing information, which all make it challenging for everyone involved.

But those days are numbered now that MetaHealth has reinvented how medical data operates through a digitized cloud-based platform built specifically for clinicians so that they can easily review all relevant data from a single screen in one glance — no additional sorting required. This saves both time and money. MetaHealth offers cross-system interoperability and focuses on patient optimization across multiple platforms including MyChart, 23andMe, AI diagnostics, inventory management, and billing. For a more detailed overview of what they do, visit their website at
From execs to doctors, females are driving the healthcare industry forward! Starting from nothing but an idea, MetaHealth has grown exponentially through its powerful women-run executive team and talented employees. Not only do they believe that MetaHealth will revolutionize the healthcare industry but so does Dr. Ravi Moparty. Under his leadership and Harold Engle’s advisory position, the Woodlands Specialty Hospital (WSH) has vowed to change healthcare for the better, starting with a recent trial collaboration between MetaHealth and Woodlands Specialty Hospital. This solution has already been implemented, meeting positive feedback from both the doctors and staff members.

MetaHealth is changing the system that has been plaguing healthcare industries for years through cutting-edge innovation. They offer interoperability across medical systems as well as increased efficiency and accuracy through cloud technology-driven solutions such as AI diagnostics that help identify symptoms before they progress into disease states.

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