Elizabeth Holmes texts show that Theranos bosses are panicking: Federal Government

According to prosecutors, a panicked text message between the two Theranos executives showed that they knew how bad the blood test startup was before it collapsed.

In the mountains of text, iMessage and Skype chat, Theranos founders Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani are her best lieutenants and ex-girlfriends, the company’s struggling blood testing technology, lab. He expressed anxiety about the internal turmoil and his desperate efforts to specialize. That operation.

One exchange, revealed in a federal court filing, concluded that the Medicare Medicaid Service Center conducted a 2015 investigation into Theranos’ California Institute and that authorities posed “imminent health and safety risks.” Therefore, he showed that he wanted God’s intervention.

“Our verification report is terrible. According to a court filing on Friday, Theranos President Barwani wrote that going through this process was really painful.” … worse so far. I pray. “

“I pray … I’m praying constantly,” Holmes allegedly replied.

In a midnight exchange in November 2014, Barwani described part of the Silicon Valley Institute as a “disaster zone” and said it would “work to fix it.” The message submitted to the court did not give details on the matter.

Earlier that month, the pair discussed the need to fix the problematic operation of Theranos, especially the customer service department that was generating serious complaints, Filing said.

“Basically, we need to stop fighting fire by not making it,” Barwani is said to have written. According to Filing, Holmes agreed with his feelings and replied, “Here we need to fix the root cause.”

The prosecution included a message in a motion arguing that it should be presented as evidence in Holmes’ next fraud trial, which is scheduled to begin in March. Both she and Barwani were acquitted of peddling fake blood tests using a device that advertised revolutionary but knew it was unreliable and inaccurate.

The message is ” [Holmes] Barwani shows that their statements to investors are false and misleading, and show the knowledge that Theranos’ tests are plagued by problems, “the prosecutor said in a filing.

Holmes’ lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday. However, her legal team filed 12 unique allegations on Friday aimed at blocking some evidence from the trial, including evidence of a “luxury lifestyle” she led as CEO of Theranos. I submitted the above.

Another motion argues that false statements and other “bad acts” by Theranos employees that Holmes did not directly supervise should not be held liable. However, the prosecution pointed out that Holmes publicly owned the company’s failure as CEO in 2016, saying “everything that happens at this company is, after all, my responsibility.” I did.

Elizabeth Holmes texts show that Theranos bosses are panicking: Federal Government

Source link Elizabeth Holmes texts show that Theranos bosses are panicking: Federal Government

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