Eli Manning Adjacent to O-linemen’s Chris Snee for Huge Opportunity

It’s perfectly appropriate to have at least 6 aggressive linemen on the field Eli Manning —More than any other position group — On Sunday afternoon, he became the Giants’ Ring of Honor and retired from jersey No. 10 by franchise.

Of the hundreds of players who shared the locker room and field with Manning, no one was closer to him than the big guys. It was the aggressive lineman who gathered around Manning to make fun of him, and felt that he was blamed for his prank (and his prank) and protected him more than any other teammate in particular. I did.

“I had to go to support my brother,” former Giants guard Chris Sny told Post.

Snee shared with him the first decade of Manning’s career. The response of the megatrade with the Chargers on the 2004 draft day was still swaying, so the Giants quietly picked Snee from Boston University in the second round on the next pick. Sny started immediately as a rookie, Manning didn’t, and the two formed a strong friendship to this day.

2012 Chris Snee and Eli Manning

“Eli and I came together, and we went through a lot of fights together,” Sny said. “I want to be there for him on his special day. It’s an achievement for him, but we’re all proud of it. It’s the ultimate team sport and we have That bond I had, those linemen, and the team we had with Eli were the strongest bonds I’ve ever participated in. “

Manning invited his teammates and their families home during play and after the match to win, lose and relax. No other Giants player will wear No. 10 again, but Manning understands that this peculiar honor was not achieved in a peculiar way.

“It’s my number, but I think it’s a kind of celebration of all the teammates and people I threw a touchdown and blocked me, and the defensive guys who helped us win. “Manning said.

In addition to Snee, former linemen Rich Zoibert, Sean O’Hara, Kareem Mackenzie, David Deal and Kevin Booth will be in the match. The group considered the start of a series of Manning games (reaching 210 games) as their own badge of honor.

Manning recalled his aggressive lines as follows: I think the game I was smashed into and injured was blocked further next week. “Hey, we need to keep him healthy and we don’t want to make this worse.” ””

Manning, In The Post’s Blue Rush podcastIn 2007, he said he had to take the painkiller Tradol several times in the second week after he took his right shoulder off in the opening round of the season. This is a defeat in Dallas. In the fourth week of 2009, Manning completely tore the plantar fascia of his right foot during his victory in Kansas City. That was his 82nd consecutive start.

“He was injured, and we played the Raiders,” Sny said. “He knew what pain he was feeling, so he needed to be pulled right away. It happened that we went up the score early and he was out by the middle of the third quarter. It was a perfect recipe. “

The Giants had Manning’s back that day and hit Raiders 44-7.

“Maybe I knew exactly what he was dealing with. [the media] I didn’t do that, “Sny said. “I know how proud he was to be a Giants quarterback and how much effort and preparation was needed. I respected him while I was playing. But I still do that. “

Eli Manning Adjacent to O-linemen’s Chris Snee for Huge Opportunity

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