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Electoral College officially electing Biden as president-elect

Electoral votes have received more attention this year as President Donald Trump refused to approve the election and continued to file unfounded fraud allegations.

Biden plans to deal with the country on Monday night after the electors vote. Meanwhile, Trump sticks to his false claim that he won the election, but weakens Biden’s presidency even before it begins. “No, I’m worried that there is an illegitimate president in the country. That’s what I’m worried about. The president lost and lost badly,” Trump said in a Fox News interview recorded Saturday. “.

After weeks of Republican legal opposition, which was easily dismissed by a judge, Trump and his Republican allies last week sought to convince the Supreme Court to secure Biden’s 62 electoral votes in four states. However, this may have questioned the results.

The judge refused the effort on Friday.

Biden won 232 of Trump’s 306 electoral votes. It takes 270 votes to be elected.

In 32 states and the District of Columbia, the law requires electors to vote for the winner of the popularity poll. The Supreme Court unanimously endorsed the arrangement in July.

Electors are generally devoted to political parties, so most of the time they vote for the state winner anyway. There is no reason to anticipate asylum this year. Among the prominent electors are Georgia’s Democratic Party Stacey Abrams and South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem.

Voting is clearly low-tech, with paper voting. Electors cast one vote each for the President and Vice President.

The Electoral College was the product of a compromise between those who supported the referendum presidential election during the drafting of the Constitution and those who opposed empowering the people to choose leaders.

Each state has as many electors as the total number of seats in Congress. In addition to the two senators, the state has a large number of members in the House of Representatives. Washington DC has won three votes under a constitutional amendment ratified in 1961. With the exception of Maine and Nebraska, the state gives the winners of the popularity polls in the state all the votes of the Electoral College.

The bargains struck by the founders of the country have spawned five elections in which the president did not win the popularity poll. Trump was the latest example of 2016.

Biden has surpassed Trump by more than 7 million votes this year.

And there is one more step. It’s an inauguration.

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Electoral College officially electing Biden as president-elect

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