Egypt adds key activists and politicians to the terrorist watch list

Cairo (AP)-Egyptian courts have put nearly 30 people, including major democracy activists and Muslim politicians, on the terrorist watch list over charges of joining the banned Muslim Brotherhood, official official bulletins said. Reported on Monday.

According to the report, activist Alaa Abdel Fata, politician Abdel Monaem Able Fetu, and 26 others have been added to the “terrorists” over the next five years.

Judge Hassan Farid’s decision last week included a three-year travel ban and asset freeze. The decision may be appealed within 60 days.

Abdelfatta swept the Middle East and became prominent in the 2011 democratic uprising that defeated long-time President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. For many, his imprisonment three years later was a sign of Egypt’s return to dictatorship when authorities imposed strict laws prohibiting public rallies and unauthorized demonstrations.

Abdel-Fattah was released in March 2019 after being imprisoned for five years for participating in a peaceful protest against a civilian military trial. He was re-arrested last September in a full-scale security crackdown following a small but rare anti-government protest.

Muslim politician Abul Fetouh, a longtime member of the Brotherhood, left the group in 2011 and founded a powerful Egyptian party. He ran for president in 2012, when Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Brotherhood, won.

Morsi’s rule proved to be divisive, and a year later the army defeated him and began cracking down on his supporters. Since then, pro-government media have claimed that Able Fetu’s true sympathy remains with the Brotherhood, which has been designated as a terrorist organization.

Authorities arrested Abrfetu in February 2018, shortly after returning from a trip to London, prior to President Abdel Fatta Elsisi’s second reelection.

Another person added to the list was Mohammedel-Kassas, Deputy Chief of the Abul Fetouh Party, who was arrested in 2018. Mohammed El Baker, a rights attorney arrested in September 2019 while attending a prosecutor’s cross-examination of Abdelfata, and El Hassan Elshater, the son of Hiratshatel, are Brotherhood’s most powerful. It has long been seen as a leader.

The Egyptian government under the Elsisi administration, which became president, has overseen the heaviest crackdown on oppositions in the country’s modern history. Officials are targeting democratic activists, journalists and online critics as well as Islamic political opponents.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested three senior officials from the Egyptian Human Rights Initiative, one of the country’s most prominent human rights groups. This move has sparked intense criticism from the Western government and the United Nations Human Rights Agency.

The arrest occurred after ambassadors and senior diplomats from 13 Western countries met with EIPR earlier this month, stating that the group “discussed ways to improve Egypt’s human rights situation.”

The prosecutor asked Gasser Abdel Razek, a veteran human rights defender and EIPR secretary general, on Monday, according to the group.

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Egypt adds key activists and politicians to the terrorist watch list

Source link Egypt adds key activists and politicians to the terrorist watch list

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