Edward Norton rages and tears Trump as a “10-ply supersoft b–” during a screed court battle

Edward Norton’s political screed was so energetic on Friday morning that he jumped into the trendy feed of social media giants.

Former stars of “The Incredible Hulk” and “Fight Club” called President Trump a “small 10-ply supersoft b” and were furious at President Trump’s ongoing court battle in connection with the 2020 elections.

Norton speculated that Trump was less interested in widespread allegations of fraudulent voting and was interested in avoiding a legal battle after leaving the White House.

“I’m not a political expert, but I grew up as a dad who was a federal prosecutor. He taught me a lot, and he played a fair amount of poker with serious players. Sit in. This would say: Trump doesn’t think “make his base happy” or “trying to lay the foundation for his own network,” the actor wrote. “Or, that’chaos is what he loves’. At its core is knowing that he is at stake in a serious and multifaceted legal crisis, which defines all his actions. 1) Tactical delays in the transition to buy time for concealment and evidence suppression 2) Above all, create sufficient confusion and anxiety about peaceful transfer of power and cause irreparable damage. Fearful desperate end. System, he can finally cut a Nixon-style deal in exchange for a concession, but he doesn’t have a card. “

Norton’s seven tweet strings generated over 115,000 shares.

“I admit that he’s a whimsical, moody, moody, glinky, compelling little 10-ply super-soft b. He definitely throws an evil poutfest and overall I’m trying to give a little middle finger, a country despite being pure, without a single idea of ​​the dead and dying, “the actor continued. “But his derogatory, rebellious and incendiary attack on the stability of our political compact is not around 2024, but a system as a means to trade for personal wealth, or a safe exit. It’s nothing more than trying to take advantage of the turmoil and threats to its foundation. Cole. His. Bluff. “

The actor warned that President Trump would return to power if the closed-door deal was mediated before the White House left, and concluded.

“Faith in the strength of our divine institutions and founding principles is growing tremendously … but they are retained,” he writes. “They will do so. He will leave gracefully and notoriously. But if we trade for it and give him an mediated reconciliation, we will respond to his return. It will be vulnerable. You can’t flinch. “

Mr. Trump’s legal team saw a fraudulent vote, including a machine in the Dominion voting system, seemingly a clear victory to him, but a fantastic defeat by Democrat Joseph R. Byden at midnight after the vote was over. Claims to have changed to.

The Republicans have vowed to bring his proceedings to the United States Supreme Court as needed.

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Edward Norton rages and tears Trump as a “10-ply supersoft b–” during a screed court battle

Source link Edward Norton rages and tears Trump as a “10-ply supersoft b–” during a screed court battle

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